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#TheCityIsOurCampus 20-22 September

Date:19 September 2019
Sorry, have you seen room 1313.0309?
Sorry, have you seen room 1313.0309?

Party Picks: 


2019 PhD Day Groningen

If you still can’t seem to get enough of uni after four years, then you are either a) really slow at studying b) a bit cuckoo or c) (interested in) doing a PhD. If you fall into the last category you should check out the PhD day this Friday. The motto of this year's day is “Keep your light on”, which can certainly be hard after a 12-hour library session. Apart from having the opportunity to meet other PhD students, there will be many talks, workshops and a career fair where you can participate. 

Campus Trail 2019

Are you often so late for your classes that you have to make a sprint for it to be there on time? Well, believe it or not, this weekend is the perfect opportunity for you to improve your university hallway running skills (trust me, it’s a talent!). During the campus trail, participants complete a 4-mile course through various facilities and buildings around the Zernike campus by climbing staircases and racing through labs. So everyone who is trying to figure out how to sleep in for one more minute during the mornings and still make it on time for your 9 am, check this out.  

Super Hero Drag Ball

In case you are familiar with that sense of being lost after binging 7 seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race straight, I have a solution for you! The Super Hero Drag Ball taking place this weekend is like a real-life episode of the show where everyone can participate, just minus the drama. Just like in the show, the winner of the best outfit will win a prize as well as eternal glory. So loot your girlfriends make-up and put on her best outfit, because as RuPaul says, "We're all born naked and the rest is drag."

Blogger Closet Sale At The Student Hotel Groningen

Okay, just to make this clear from the start before you get too excited: I will not be selling my clothes at the student hotel this weekend, even if you asked me to. This is not only due to my unique sense of ‘style’ which consists of 3 hoodies and 4 t-shirts, but because there will be some super-duper instafamous influencers such as ‘@Arielledannique’ and ‘@Vhmimage’ selling their clothes instead. Doesn’t ring a bell? Don’t worry, I’ve also never heard of them before. Yet these bloggers definitely have 300k more followers and more clothes than I can ever dream of. Besides a lot of selfies, hashtags and fashion-conscious followers this is a great way to kickstart your blogging career if uni isn’t your thing.  

Chinese Festival 2019

Have you been to the Hortus Haren? It’s a botanical garden in Haren (20-minute bike ride from Groningen) with a lovely Chinese garden. Worth checking out anyway, but even more so this Saturday during the Chinese Festival which features dances, musical performances and several China-related workshops (from Kung fu and language classes to face mask painting). 

Jazz, culture & Spirituality @ Martini Church

If you haven’t checked out the Martini Church yet, you can’t call yourself a true resident of Groningen. Facts. Luckily, you have the opportunity to make up for it this Sunday by joining a specially curated event. Besides being able to follow a masterclass on the organ which was voted the most beautiful organ in the country recently (who comes up with this?), there will be guided tours and a workshop on Dutch culture. The event itself is free of charge, so there is no excuse this time for skipping church on a Sunday! 

GIF of the Week 

That moment when you randomly run into a friend during a night out in the city
That moment when you randomly run into a friend during a night out in the city


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Hey there! My name is Asmo and I’m a Finnish/German student exploring life in the Netherlands. Besides being into photography and politics, I am currently doing my Master's degree in European Law. Oh, and I write blogs as well.


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