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If Each Faculty Were At a Dinner Party, They Would...

Date:03 February 2021
Luc kinda looking like a law student stereotype.
Luc kinda looking like a law student stereotype.

Let’s imagine that we are attending a fictional dinner party, where each guest was one of the faculties at the UG. I’d bet that it would be a night to remember. Each guest might look and act something like this:


Faculty of Arts

The first thing you will notice about Arts is their fashion sense. In comparison to their “cover of Vogue” outfit, I would probably look like the third page of “Farmers’ Weekly”.. They would be proud to announce that they have just finished a wonderful dissertation about how a blade of grass impacts the way in which we interact with the environment, or something else that others might not find as exciting. Once the dissertation discussion has ended, Arts would most likely become the life and soul of the party.


Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences (BSS)

They would most definitely arrive, as if by magic, just at the moment you were most comfortable to receive guests, and bring you your favourite brand of snack. Is it psychic energy? No, that’s just the power of psychology! BSS would be able to accurately tell you your entire life story by just  looking at the way you had buttoned your shirt. They would then also ask you how the meal made you feel - transporting you to your childhood home, eagerly waiting for your mother to cook your favourite meal. You would sit there, tears in your eyes, and just as you were about to open up about your deepest memories, BSS would say, “...that looks like all the time we have today.” 


Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)

FEB would arrive fashionably late, dressed in a full suit with an air of financial stability. They would not fetch a single drink or piece of food for themselves, instead they will convince you that it was in your best interest to keep them well fed and hydrated in exchange for high level financial tips that could save you thousands! 

Faculty of Law

Would most likely show up at the exact start time. They would definitely be well dressed, like they may have just attended court - or a funeral. Law would also be the one who would start a heated discussion with someone over something quite mundane such as  the colour of the gouda cheese being served - they would state that the shade of yellow is, according to EU regulation XY, not the standard shade of yellow generally accepted by the standards bureau and therefore should not have been sold to you. Don’t get on their bad side, they all have Amal Clooney (a formidable international and human rights lawyer, who also happens to be married to George Clooney) on their speed dial.


Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies (TRS)

You will find that although they might be a small faculty, they are family oriented, open minded and eager to share thoughts and ideas on society, religion and people. Although many would expect them to be handing out pamphlets about how religion has shaped society, you will actually find them discussing topics like artificial intelligence and the origins of human life! Small talk is no problem for TRS and they would be eager to participate in all topics of discussion.


Faculty of Philosophy

Would Philosophy show up on time to the party? Maybe...maybe not, time is just a social construct after all. Philosophy would probably never get around to drinking or eating because they would spend hours discussing the metaphysical existence of the plates and glasses. There is never a dull moment when Philosophy is around. Deep conversations about the mind and consciousness flow into light hearted jokes and an all-round warm atmosphere.


Faculty of Medical Sciences

It’s always a gamble when inviting Medicine to a dinner party during the week. Will they come, or will they still be busy until some late hour, completing the dissection of a foot? (I clearly don’t know how medicine works.) But if they did show up, they would contribute to the life of the party like no other. From gory, interesting medical stories to straight up having fun – these people know how to work hard, and party just as hard… and wake up without even the slightest hangover! Medical students’ knowledge on how to avoid ailments is downright unfair!


Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE)

FSE would be the only person at the party who would know how to properly pronounce the name of Tesla’s Elon Musk and Grimes’ child -  ‘X Æ A-12 .’ This person will end up building some amazing contraption to distribute food and drink to everyone with the click of a button. They might be a bit reserved at first, but soon enough they would become the centre of attention, revelling in the limelight of their spectacular mechanical and scientific creation.

University College Groningen (UCG)

UCG values close knit relationships and loves to share many ideas with people from different walks of life. They might even bring foods from their home country, for you to sample and, with their cheery, open disposition, might make you wonder - is there anything that doesn't interest them?! 

Campus Fryslân

When Campus Fryslân arrives at the party, they add a certain Frisian charm! Be prepared for in-depth knowledge of sustainable practices and open diverse thinking. Ensure plastic straws (if there are any leftovers that haven’t been disposed of) are kept far away from them. Think; the ideology of Greta Thumberg with the beauty and grace of a Frisian purebred! (one of the most majestic horses I’ve ever seen!) 

Faculty of Spatial Sciences

Like their ‘cousins’ at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, they know how to enjoy a good dinner party. They will most likely arrange your furniture in such a way as to maximise the use of space in the apartment to benefit all the guests. They are the most down-to-earth people, literally.  

Needless to say, a dinner party with the above faculties would definitely be anything but boring. Each faculty would bring something new and different, just like the students who study there. From Arts to Engineering, the UG is full of diverse thought and people who come together to contribute to the exciting landscape of the university, making the UG experience a dinner party you will never forget!

About the author

Hi there! I am Luc, a South African student of International and European Law. In my spare time you will find me consuming Netflix, playing guitar and singing, cycling around, spending time with friends and whispering “what a cutie” to every dog and cat that happens to walk past me in Groningen!


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