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How to Celebrate Halloween in Groningen

Date:30 October 2019
Outfit idea: ninja
Outfit idea: ninja

The Dutch don’t typically give a lot of thought to Halloween, but that doesn’t mean that a city like Groningen holds back when it comes to Halloween themed parties and candy eating, especially since its very international. If you’ve never experienced Halloween before or if you just need some inspiration and ideas for this year's edition of a hair-raising night out, keep reading to get all the best tips for your spooky night

Need an outfit?

Solow and Confetti have dedicated Halloween sections with an assortment of different outfits and masks. Alternatively, you can also check out Flying Tiger next door where they have a smaller, but decent Halloween selection. 

If you’re feeling a little funky, why not branch out a little and try something a bit different. You could check out some less conventional places like the newly-opened Decathlon for a sports-themed outfit or you could pop over to Ikea and get inspired by some Billy bookcases or lampshades. 

Best Halloween outfit idea of 2019
Best Halloween outfit idea of 2019

Groningen is also abundant in vintage stores, so there's definitely always a chance that you could find the Halloween outfit of your dreams in there. You can also thrift something on the cheap and make your own costume inspired by hobbies that you’re into. Maybe you’re a plant mom/dad, why not make a succulent outfit

Take on popular culture by trying to understand trends like being a VSCO girl or dress up as your favorite meme. If all else goes wrong, and you can’t figure out an outfit, you can always fall back on embodying a cat for Halloween (but why not kick it up a notch by becoming a tiger!)

If you think you’re too old for dressing up (which no one ever is btw), then why not stay in the Halloween spirit and spruce up your doorstep by carving some pumpkins!

Need a party?

Liccen in je Halloween Outfit

Warhol Halloween 2019: Andy's Asylum

Ghoost • The Halloween Special

Stukasession: Haunted House Party

Interactive Horror Experience: Technical Difficulties

HalloQueen - Hosted By Anastasia von Beaverhausen

Halloween: Pop Zombies

The Halloween Nightmare I Groningen

I hope this gives you some spooky inspiration, let us know in the comments below how you will be celebrating Halloween this year! 

About the author

Hey! I’m Ellen, and I study Arts, Culture and Media. I am mixed Danish and Chinese, but often get mistaken for anything but either of those. When I'm not writing blogs, you can find me at Noorderplantsoen enjoying the sun (when it comes out) like every other person in Groningen.


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