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Christmas with your Family in 10 GIFS

Date:19 December 2018
That moment when you come home for Christmas and meet your old squad!
That moment when you come home for Christmas and meet your old squad!

Finally, it’s the time of the year again: the sweet scent of cinnamon and Christmas cookies hangs over cold streets covered in fairy lights. The best part about it though? You get to go home and spend some quality time with your loved ones. However, it’s not always all that easy to get through the festive season without stressing out, and everyone has their own little tricks to survive endless family dinners and annoying siblings. Check out this blog post to find some of the typical stages everyone goes through when going back home for the holidays. Can you relate?

1) When you realize it’s only a few more days until you get to go home and eat your mom’s Christmas food...

 2)  ...but then you notice that you completely forgot to buy presents for your family...

 3) ….so you just try to make the best of it with your student budget and hope they will still love you.

 4) Once you get home, it’s like you’re a 12-year-old child again…..

 5) ...and sometimes your parents love can get a bit overwhelming.

 6) But hey, at least you get to eat as much as you want to without anyone judging you!

 7) Also, you get to see all of your old high school friends again!

8) After spending two weeks at home, you definitely remember why you live on your own now.

9) But when it is actually time to leave, you really don’t want to go...

 10) ...and realize that spending time with your loved ones is the best thing ever, no matter how crazy and weird they may be!


Merry Christmas, everyone! 

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Hey there! My name is Asmo and I’m a Finnish/German student exploring life in the Netherlands. Besides being into photography and politics, I am currently doing my Master's degree in European Law. Oh, and I write blogs as well.


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