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The 5 Housemates You Will Have At University

Date:26 March 2018
These guys wish they were #4 on the list, but are actually more like #1
These guys wish they were #4 on the list, but are actually more like #1

Every other Monday over the next few weeks, I will be posting a different blog related to student rooms. The first of the series is this: the five different housemates that you will have at university!

Disclaimer: my housemates are amazing and do not fit any of these stereotypes (they also made me write this disclaimer)  


1. The slob

And you thought you were messy. This housemate defies belief when it comes to being untidy. It takes you six months to figure out what colour their bedroom floor is, and they are about as reliable with doing their dishes as you are with meeting your deadlines.

2. The ghost

There is evidence of this housemate existing - occasionally they have laundry in the washing machine, there’s sometimes a light on in their room, they read messages in the WhatsApp chat - but you never actually see them in the flesh. They become a myth, this mysterious being that you are unsure when (or if) they will properly reveal themselves. That is until you find out they are in a relationship and go back to their parents every weekend.

3. The parent

Of course, the parent of the house. This housemate keeps the rest of you in check - they know when every exam of yours is, they notice how well you are eating, they nag you to do your dishes and tell you to keep it down a notch. Yes, they may get annoying - but you know the house will fall apart without them.

4. The Party Animal

This housemate has the same energy levels as you, only you had them when you were a 9 year old. Whereas a night out for you has you wrecked for at least two days, they go out four times a week and still manage to meet their deadlines, meet their committee, and play sports twice per week. How they do it, we don’t know - but they do make your life a lot more fun because of it.

5. Mr/Ms Passive Aggressive

If they could communicate only in notes and/or WhatsApp messages, they would. Did you get stuck in a Netflix episode and didn’t do your dishes within 30 minutes of cooking dinner? You’ll get a WhatsApp message saying, “can everybody please do their dishes?” Additionally, be on the lookout for post-it notes on the fridge informing everyone that, yes, the entire second shelf in the fridge is actually theirs.

Remember, if you don’t have one of these people in your house… it could be you. Let us know in the comments if there are any that we have missed!


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