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How to be as classy as Queen Máxima

Date:22 April 2018
We can't all be as classy as the Queen, but no one's stopping you from trying!
We can't all be as classy as the Queen, but no one's stopping you from trying!

Queen Máxima, wife of the Dutch monarch King Willem-Alexander (or Lex as the Dutch colloquially call him) is known for always being calm, composed and classy. We’ve cracked the secret of Máxima, so check out our four tips for being as classy as Máxima (or at least get somewhat close).  

#Girlboss it up

Queen Maxima has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and also a Master’s degree from the United States. She currently serves as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development (UNSGSA) → and you know you want a Title like that. She works with governments and companies towards an inclusive financial system that works for the poor. Become a #GirlBoss too by spending some extra time focused on your classes and finding a meaningful part-time job!

Be Involved In Societal Matters

Part of being a queen consort is being a spokesperson for important causes. Maxima (being of Argentinian descent) cares especially about integration of (female) immigrants into Dutch culture. As a result, she’s on more boards and committees than you can count - and is also one of the few royals to have openly supported gay rights. If your day magically has 30 hours, you too can be as socially active as Máxima, but even if it doesn’t, being on a committee is always a good idea. The many study associations, student committees and International Student Societies of the UG are a great place to start. Bonus: you’ll always be in the know about parties going on in Groningen.

Dress the Part

Maxina is so well known for her amazing outfits that there’s been books written about it! In order to truly be as classy as Queen Maxima you must always look put together (I envy her, cause anyone who has seen me knows my nail polish is always withering and my roots are always showing) - but I suppose it takes work to dress like a Queen. Maxima wears loads of hats and gloves, heels and longer dresses. The best advice here is to wear more expensive clothes that stay pretty longer. Want to look like a true royal? Go for blue (also have personal stylists that help you dress up like a queen every morning).

Don’t forget to have fun

Queen Maxima always flashes her big, gorgeous smile. She seems to truly enjoy all the royal activities that are part of her job. One can definitely tell she has a bit of a fierce and fun vibe - and doesn’t take the world too seriously. So let go, live a little and have fun!


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