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15 things that will happen to you as an International Student in Groningen

Date:07 March 2018
Cycling is one the first things you'll learn in Groningen!
Cycling is one the first things you'll learn in Groningen!

Being an international student in Groningen is a great experience. However, with living in another country brings some experiences that may seem strange at first (or second) sight. As an international, you’re bound to experience at least one of these things. Have a look at our list and see how many sound familiar! 



  1. No matter how international you think you are, there is always someone more international than you.
  2. You will eat way more fries than you ever had before and if you hated mayonnaise before coming here, you won’t after a couple of months.
  3. You will love, hate, then, when it inevitably gets stolen, miss your bike
  4. Supermarkets will confuse you to no end and won’t be able to find the eggs you needed for the cake you were going to make to impress your new friends.
  5. When you try to speak Dutch to somebody, they will respond by praising your Dutch skills, and willingness to learn, before promptly continuing the conversation in English.
  6. With a quarter of the population being students, many bars have no official closing times. Therefore, staying out until the sun comes up at least once in your first three months here is inevitable.
  7. You’ll undoubtedly see people walking around the streets in ridiculous costumes and eventually think it’s completely normal.
  8. You’ll develop a love / hate relationship with the weather here, but a good saying to remember is that if you don’t like the weather, just wait for five minutes.
  9. Someone will be honest and blunt with you, and it will probably hurt your feelings. But don’t worry - it’s just the Dutch way, and soon you will begin being more honest and blunt to everyone and life is much easier that way.
  10. You will eventually learn to love coffee, you might refuse and shake your head for the first few months, but slowly, exam stress will draw you to the caffeine.
  11. You’ll appreciate that the Groninger museum is free for university students when your artsy friends want to bring you with them.
  12. You’ll be annoyed how long it takes to get to bigger cities further south, but you’ll quickly get tired of the busy bustle of the tourists and love coming back to Groningen
  13. You will be confused why the whole country goes crazy for the King’s birthday, but in the end, you will get into it dressing in orange and it will end up being one of the highlights of your year.
  14. You’ve spent too much money on clothes, so now you have to live off bread and pasta until the end of the month.
  15. When the time comes for you to leave Groningen, you will miss it like crazy and be super jealous of your friends who are staying - you will have the time of your life here!


How many have you checked off the list already? Let us know in the comments!


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