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10 types of people you'll meet at the UB

Date:08 June 2018
I love the coffee corner. I still come there to not study sometimes.
I love the coffee corner. I still come there to not study sometimes.

Aah, the University Library, known as the UB among students. Not only the place to study, but also a place where many species of students gather and live in harmony (mostly) every day. We sent a team of our best field researchers out there to document all the rare student species that live at the UB. After many a night of motionless observing, they provided us with this list.


1. The Socializer

Some people are seemingly able to pass their courses without doing anything that closely resembles studying. What’s worse is that they have to rub it in your face by hanging around in the library doing anything but studying.

2. The resident

You're never early enough to see them arrive and you’re never late enough to see them leave. Are they paying rent at the UB?

3. The Hottie ;-)

The real reason you’re going to the library.

4. Mr./Ms. Passive Aggressive

Always shh-ing everyone and apparently not in on the irony that they’re making more noise than everyone else in the progress.

5. Shrödingers student

You can't actually see this student. All you see is a desk that you'd really like to use, but it has an open notebook and a bottle of water on it. Clearly, someone was studying here, but they've been gone for at least half an hour now. Best part? As soon as you decide that they've had their chance to return and you decide to take the desk they suddenly reappear. 

6. The one who won't stop talking

This is the type of person tries to whisper, but ends up somehow sounding louder than if they'd just speak normally. Also, you know they'd roll their eyes and moan about you if you ever asked them to just please go talk somewhere else. 

7. Some person you made out with in first year

Sooo much fun to run into them throughout your student career. Not awkward at all. What’s worse? Saying “Hi”… or ignoring them. There’s always something that makes seeing your past hook up extra awkward. Maybe they still app you “wyd” every saturday night at 2AM or they always show up at the library with their new fling.. Either way, UGHH

8. The Procrastinator

You know who I’m talking about, you can see their screen from where you’re sitting and all they’ve done is watch youtube, shop online and take Buzzfeed quizzes the whole time.

9. The Sniffer

*Sniff..Sniff..Sniff* * Sniiiiiiiifff*. Yeah, this person has a nose more congested than the Ringweg during rush hour and he or she has decided that the entire library gets to share in their pain. Ugh, just go home already and annoy your cat or something.

10. The 30 year old (van Wilder)

The Van Wilder doesn’t even go here.. Or hasn’t for at least 5 years.... Or IS HE STILL STUDYING even though he’s 30?! You don’t know who he is and why he’s here, but you’ll see him anytime without fail.

Are there any that we have missed out? Let us know! Also, if you recognise one of your friends in this list… be sure to tag them to let them know. I’m definitely #3.


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