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Every UG student should know (and use!) Career Services. Have you visited them before?

Creating A CV That Stands Out

Date:27 February 2021
Do you need to create a CV but not sure where to start and what to include? Avital shares her tips in this blog!
When you always pay by card, your wallet ends up looking a little empty.

How to save money as a student in Groningen

Date:30 November 2020
Student life in Groningen can be as cheap or expensive as you make it, it all depends on your spending habits. Whether you have a student job or make use of the government loan, budgeting as a student is essential.
Avital figuring out her future, one step at a time!

Choosing a Master’s programme

Date:23 November 2020
As the end of your Bachelor's is nearing, the time is here to choose a Master's programme. In this blog, Avital shares her tips for making this choice.
How to stay productive?

Productivity Apps That Every Student Should Check Out

Date:21 October 2020
How do you stay productive in these corona times? How do you make sure that you complete all your tasks? Read this blog to learn more about how apps can help your studies
Listen to the crazy cat lady

How to survive your final bachelor science project

Date:27 June 2018
Doing your final bachelor project can be a daunting task. However, no matter how scary it is, you have to do it to write that sweet sweet BSc next to your name. To help you through the process, I have, together with a bunch of friends who are just finishing their project, outlined a few tips to help you survive your final bachelor project.