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Luc posing in Kardinge - waiting for a sponsorship from an active-wear brand ;)

 4 Things International Students Should Know Before Moving to Groningen

Date:27 January 2021
Luc has compiled 4 things that every student should know about before coming to Groningen!
Unfortunately, this attempt did not in fact help me remember the material better...

How to survive and thrive during exams

Date:11 January 2021
Exams are nobody's favourite time, but there are ways to make studying more effective and more enjoyable. In this blog, Avital shares some of her tips for surviving and thriving during exams!
This photo of a very studious Avital was obviously taken in the pre-Corona days, hence the absence of masks!

How to stay productive during the holidays

Date:14 December 2020
As we count down the days until the winter break, it’s also a good idea to think ahead to January. In this blog, Avital shares her tips for staying productive during the winter break.