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Luc posing in Kardinge - waiting for a sponsorship from an active-wear brand ;)

 4 Things International Students Should Know Before Moving to Groningen

Date:27 January 2021
Luc has compiled 4 things that every student should know about before coming to Groningen!
here's me very up close... telling you to close your laptop and go watch a documentary.

10 Documentaries to Expand Your Horizons

Date:15 January 2021
Looking for something to watch while taking a break from studying this weekend? Or simply something to reduce boredom during these lockdown days? Here are some of the best documentaries to expand your horizons:
Luc looking perplexed by the wealth of information found in MOOCs!

Luc's MOOCs

Date:13 January 2021
MOOCs. What are they? They are way more than just a sound you would expect a cow to make. In fact, they are super helpful if you want to learn something new, or get an idea of the academic environment of the UG.
Walks in nature are great, especially when the weather is nice!

Best places to go on a walk in Groningen

Date:08 January 2021
Walking in nature is a great way to de-stress, relax, and feel happier. Here are 4 places around Groningen that are easy to visit!
Luc looking confused, in a very loud shirt.

Tips To Ace Your UG Application!

Date:06 January 2021
Completing your UG application can be confusing. But don't worry - Luc's got you covered! Have a look through his description of the process and some tips to ace your application!
Pretending like it didn't take me 2 hours to get out of bed that morning!

How to Stay Motivated as the Days Get Colder

Date:16 November 2020
The days are turning colder and shorter, and it can seem hard to stay motivated and on-track with life. After living three years in the Netherlands, Ariana has gathered some of her best advice to beat the dark days!
A smile a day keeps the Doctor away!

5 Ways to be Kinder

Date:13 November 2020
For World Kindness Day, Ariana has gathered 5 easy ways in which you can be kinder to others (and yourself)!
Avital exploring Groningen

5 Ways to Broaden Your Horizons During a Pandemic

Date:05 November 2020
Author:The Blog Team
No reason to sit and sulk at home when there are still a lot of fun and interesting things you can do even during the partial lockdown! I'll give you some ideas about new things you could try to brighten your days.
Tips from a broke student to another broke student!

Guide to the Best Student Discounts in Groningen

Date:19 October 2020
Whether you’re running out of cash, or you’re simply aiming to save a little every month, these discounts will surely be of help!
Take advantage of the Dutch courses paid for by the UG!

Do you need to speak Dutch to Study in the Netherlands?

Date:30 July 2020

If you’re expecting to come to the UG this school year, you may be wondering how important it is to be able to speak Dutch in the Netherlands and you’ll be happy to know you’ve come to the right place for an answer!