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What I've Learned After 5 Years of University

What I've Learned After 5 Years of University

Date:20 August 2020
Have you ever thought about what you have learned during your time at uni? Asmo is graduating soon and in this blog, he's collected some of his thoughts on this.
Are you ready for Summer 2020?

This Summer in 10 GIFS

Date:29 July 2020
To celebrate the summer holidays, we've compiled 10 GIFs that summarize the good (and not so good) aspects of summer in 2020.
Bachelor's: Done

What I Miss About My Bachelor’s Degree

Date:24 July 2020
In this blog, Danique looks back to her times as a bachelor's student and what she misses about it.
Professor Asmo aka 'the novice'

5 Types of Lecturers You Will Have at Uni

Date:10 July 2020
Lecturers belong to a university like fish belong in water, and you will definitely come across quite a few different ones during your studies. For this blog, Asmo has tried to come up with 5 distinct types of lecturers that you will probably run into during your time at uni.
2020 in a nutshell

How to Meet New People Despite Covid-19

Date:01 July 2020
I think we can all agree on one thing: 2020 has not been great so far, especially when it comes to meeting new people and making friends. For this blog, I tried to think of some rather innovative methods of how you can meet new people - all while staying safe and following the advice of the health authorities. 
Check out my favourite podcasts!

7 Podcasts You Should Know

Date:15 June 2020
When you’ve run out of good songs to listen to or just want to educate yourself on the go, there is nothing better than a podcast. In this blog, Asmo shares his top 7 favourite podcasts at the moment. Enjoy listening! 
The University Council '19/'20

Election Week Q&A

Date:10 June 2020
What is the University Council good for? Are important decisions actually made there or are the students running for a spot just trying to boost their CV? In this election Q&A, I’ll try to answer some of these questions and give you a short overview of who you can vote for and why you should make your voice heard.
Show off your salsa moves this weekend!

#TheCityIsOurCampus: Feb 27th-March 2nd

Date:26 February 2020
This week in Groningen: parties, interesting lectures, salsa, cat bingo, a run through the city and more!
Last year's very small-scaled concert in a clothing store

#TheCityIsOurCampus ESNS special

Date:16 January 2020
The annual EuroSonic Noorderslag festival is this weekend! The whole city is turned upside down and filled with music. With over 30 venues and hundreds of European artists performing, it's a must-see for everyone living in Groningen!