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Top 40 Must-Do's in Groningen

Top 40 Must-Do's in Groningen

Date:18 July 2024

Do you want to experience the best of Groningen but have you run out of ideas? Here is a comprehensive list of various activities that will give you the full Groningen experience. This dynamic city has always something to offer and there is always...

Ever Had a 'Puddingbroodje'? Here are 5 Dutch Outdoor Snacks You Must Try!

Ever Had a 'Puddingbroodje'? Here are 5 Dutch Outdoor Snacks You Must Try!

Date:27 June 2024

The weather in the Netherlands can be quite dynamic, but when the sun is shining, we love to be outside! Whether relaxing on a terrace with refreshing drinks or enjoying a cosy picnic in the Noorderplantsoen, taking advantage of the sunny weather is...

My very first King's Day in the Netherlands

My very first King's Day in the Netherlands

Date:24 April 2024
King's Day is coming up, and you can feel it in the air! Living in the Netherlands for two years now, I can honestly say this country never stops surprising me. When I first arrived for my studies, King's Day was one of the first things everyone mentioned. But textbooks can't describe the real deal. Forget history book parades – King's Day in Groningen is a riot of orange unleashed! Curious to experience King's Day through the eyes of an international student?  Read on for a first-hand account of Groningen’s transformation on this unique Dutch holiday.
What are your 2024 resolutions?

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions + inspiration

Date:27 December 2023
Now that 2024 is coming closer, have you already thought about your New Year’s resolutions? In today’s blog, we talk about how you can keep them and, if you haven’t thought about them yet, give you some inspiration!
Hylke presents the ultimate Winter Break starter pack!

The ultimate Winter Break starter pack in GIFs

Date:20 December 2023
The much-needed winter break will start next week! Are you looking forward to it? Whether you’re spending it with your family back home or with your friends in Groningen, or both, here is a list of everything that cannot be missed during this winter break.
Hylke posing with some linoleum cuttings and prints.

9 DIY student-proof gift ideas for the festive season

Date:29 November 2023
The festive season is almost upon us! Do you already know what you’re going to give your loved ones? If you still need some ideas, in this blog, we talk about 9 do-it-yourself gifts that will make your loved ones hug you with joy.
Hylke with a pineapple at a vega(n) barbeque.

How to do a vega(n) barbecue on a budget

Date:12 July 2023
Now that summer is in full swing, you see people barbecuing in parks, on roof terraces - literally everywhere. Rightly so, because let’s be honest, barbecue is the ultimate summer evening meal. In this blog, I’ll show you that organising a fully vega(n) barbecue is very easy and might even be tastier.
Hylke scrapbooking in nature.

5 hobbies to pick up during the summer

Date:05 July 2023
Don’t know what to do with all your spare time now that it’s summer? Pick up a new hobby or revive an old one! It’s the perfect time to do so. In order to help you along, Hylke has thought of 5 hobbies you can do this summer.
This is how to start your summer in a good way!

How to start your summer in a good way

Date:01 July 2023
For most of you, summer is finally here! The transition from studying all day to having plenty of free time can be weird. That’s why, in this blog, we talk about how you can start your summer in the best way possible.
It's almost King's Day!

King’s Day: everything you need to know about the history behind it

Date:26 April 2023
You probably already know a lot about all the customs and traditions surrounding the day, but do you know the history behind it? Let’s travel 138 years back in time…