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Proud plant papa with his plants

Being a Plant Parent

Date:17 April 2021
Caring for plants has many benefits, from stress relief to bringing some life into your home. They are a fulfilling hobby and promote calm. As a proud plant papa, Luc shares some insight into why he became a plant parent.
To mute, or not to mute... that is the question.

GIFs for the Second Semester!

Date:18 February 2021
The second semester is in full swing at the UG. With online classes, snow, and some sunshine, Groningen is buzzing! Take a look through some GIFs chosen by Luc to celebrate (and poke a bit of fun at) the second semester.
Luc kinda looking like a law student stereotype.

If Each Faculty Were At a Dinner Party, They Would...

Date:03 February 2021
Luc imagines how each faculty would behave if they were a person invited to a dinner party.
Luc posing in Kardinge - waiting for a sponsorship from an active-wear brand ;)

 4 Things International Students Should Know Before Moving to Groningen

Date:27 January 2021
Luc has compiled 4 things that every student should know about before coming to Groningen!
Luc looking perplexed by the wealth of information found in MOOCs!

Luc's MOOCs

Date:13 January 2021
MOOCs. What are they? They are way more than just a sound you would expect a cow to make. In fact, they are super helpful if you want to learn something new, or get an idea of the academic environment of the UG.
Luc looking confused, in a very loud shirt.

Tips To Ace Your UG Application!

Date:06 January 2021
Completing your UG application can be confusing. But don't worry - Luc's got you covered! Have a look through his description of the process and some tips to ace your application!
Throwback to a sunny cycle around Groningen!

Luc's Short Stories in Groningen

Date:10 December 2020
Studying in a new city can be awkward and adapting to a new way of life is an interesting journey. We have all had some embarrassing moments as new students! Take a look at Luc's blog where he tells you about some of his experiences and memorable moments as a new student!
The Christmas lights strung around the city definitely make it a more 'gezellig' place to live and study!

Why is Groningen the healthiest city in the Netherlands?

Date:04 December 2020
Groningen has been crowned the healthiest city to live in in the Netherlands! Danique explains why in 4 points.
Surviving and thriving....kinda

A Week During Online Classes in 7 GIFs

Date:20 November 2020
Luc takes you through his week during online classes with 7 GIFs to soothe your soul and bring a smile to your face (hopefully).
A smile a day keeps the Doctor away!

5 Ways to be Kinder

Date:13 November 2020
For World Kindness Day, Ariana has gathered 5 easy ways in which you can be kinder to others (and yourself)!