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The preferred vehicle to move stuff in NL: The 'Bakfiets'

Your First Weeks in Groningen: What to expect, do and look forward to!

Date:23 July 2020
In this blog, I will share some of the things you can expect when coming here. Moreover I'll give you some additional tips on what to do despite the social distancing rules and what you can look forward to once Groningen goes back to normal.
The ACLO Sports Centre

Exploring the ACLO Sports Centre!

Date:02 July 2020
The ACLO is often one of the first stops for any student in Groningen who is interested in getting together for a team sport or just wants to get in shape at the gym. In this blog, I will be having a look at the ACLO Sports Centre and see what the ACLO has to offer!
Hey man, could you please Tikkie me my DUO?

Practical tips and services for every international

Date:03 June 2020
In this blog, I will share some practical tips and services with you that I wish I had known about in advance so that you can kick-start your life in the Netherlands.
PSA: biking in the summer is much more fun than in the winter

How to survive bike life in the Netherlands

Date:10 February 2020
Finding the Dutch bike culture pretty daunting? Read Danique's top 5 tips on how to survive Dutch bike life!
The Dutch grading system can be quite confusing sometimes...

What Dutch grades actually mean

Date:24 January 2020
The vast majority of students in the Netherlands are only awarded grades between 6 and 8. So what do Dutch grades actually mean? Before you have a nervous breakdown, or your parents disown you for ‘only’ getting a 7, make sure to read Asmo's blog. 
We'll see you there!

5 tips for making the most of an Open Day

Date:24 October 2019
Wondering whether or not you should go to an Open Day? Read 5 tips on how to make the most of an Open Day and why you should go!
When the only empty seats at the UB are at the window sill, it's time to enter crisis mode.

How to Survive Your First Exams

Date:23 October 2019
Ah, exam season… the season of stress, anxiety, and mental breakdowns. Halloween wishes it was this scary. Already panicking? Here are some tips and tricks to survive your first exams.
Actual photo of me in my first year

You Know You Are A First Year Student When...

Date:02 October 2019
Being lost, eating lots of pasta, meeting new people every day... sound familiar? Read Asmo's blog to discover the 10 most relatable things for first year students.
Prof Dr Asmo (PhD in Photoshop)

The 5 Basics of Student-Professor Etiquette

Date:24 September 2019
Many students ask themselves how to appropriately approach their professor. That is why in this blog, Asmo has compiled some tips on the right student-professor etiquette so that you don’t end up being 'that' student. 
Making new friends in the KEI week

Is Groningen as good as people say it is?

Date:16 September 2019
First-year International and European Law student Luc talks about his first impressions of Groningen