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Myth Nr 3: There are windmills EVERYWHERE

Debunking 8 Myths About The Netherlands

Date:28 July 2020
For anyone who has not been here yet, it is easy to imagine the Netherlands as a country where people live in windmills and dance around in tulip fields in their wooden clogs. In this blog, Asmo has debunked some of the most popular myths about the Netherlands, so that you won’t arrive here in your brand new clogs and be disappointed. 
The ACLO Sports Centre

Exploring the ACLO Sports Centre!

Date:02 July 2020
The ACLO is often one of the first stops for any student in Groningen who is interested in getting together for a team sport or just wants to get in shape at the gym. In this blog, I will be having a look at the ACLO Sports Centre and see what the ACLO has to offer!
5 facts about the UG

5 Truly Surprising Facts About the UG

Date:20 February 2020
Did you know the Academy building houses a gym? Or that the first Dutch astronaut was a UG alumnus? Check out this blog to discover some surprising UG facts you have not heard about yet!
Which neighbourhood do you choose?

A Students Guide to Groningen Neighbourhoods

Date:13 February 2020
In this blog, Asmo takes a closer look at some of the most popular neighbourhoods in Groningen among students and listed some of the things that make them stand out.
The best way to travel NL is by train!

7 Cool Day Trips for Students from Groningen

Date:04 February 2020
From seal sanctuaries to tulip fields and pyramids, the Netherlands has a lot to offer. This is why in this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the best day trips to make for students from Groningen. 
The Forum (captured by @matteoacitelli)

A Student's Review of the Groninger Forum

Date:17 January 2020
Since its opening in late November, the Forum has attracted more than 400.000 visitors and counting. But what is the Forum like from the inside? Are there enough study spots and how are the food options? For this blog, I went to check out the Forum to give it a review from a student's perspective. 
The only fireworks you'll be seeing me use this NYE

How to celebrate New Years Eve in Groningen 

Date:30 December 2019
Can't decide how to celebrate New Year's Eve in Groningen? Read Danique's blog for all the NYE dos and don'ts in Groningen!