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Ding ding ding! It's your time to land that dream job!

How to succeed in a job interview... online or in-person!

Date:13 June 2021
Job interviews can be quite daunting sometimes. What do I say? What do I wear? How do I convince an employer I'm the right candidate? In this blog, Avital shares some tips to help you prepare for a job interview, take away your nerves and allow you to land your dream job.
There are plenty of career opportunities in this small country!

Finding work in the Netherlands

Date:13 April 2021
In this blog, Avital explores the different options and job opportunities in the Netherlands, and more specifically the northern provinces. She also shares some useful resources to help you find your next job.
If you could use some help setting up your profile, keep reading!

Expanding your network with LinkedIn

Date:13 March 2021
Whether you’re looking for an internship, have recently graduated or would like to get to know interesting people in your field, LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your experience and connect with like-minded people. In this blog, I will introduce you to the world of LinkedIn so you can make the most of the tools it offers.
Every UG student should know (and use!) Career Services. Have you visited them before?

Creating A CV That Stands Out

Date:27 February 2021
Do you need to create a CV but not sure where to start and what to include? Avital shares her tips in this blog!