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Een belangrijke keuze in je studententijd: op kamers of toch thuis wonen?

Date:14 April 2021
Author:Blog Team

Veel studenten twijfelen of ze op kamers zullen gaan tijdens hun studententijd. In een situatie zonder corona is het ideaal als je vroege colleges hebt op de universiteit of als je ’s avonds nog met vrienden een drankje wilt doen. Toch zitten er ook andere...

There are plenty of career opportunities in this small country!

Finding work in the Netherlands

Date:13 April 2021
In this blog, Avital explores the different options and job opportunities in the Netherlands, and more specifically the northern provinces. She also shares some useful resources to help you find your next job.
Luc posing with some decor

Things In My Student House That (don't) Make Sense

Date:10 April 2021
Student houses are a mixture of interesting furniture, decorations and filled with unique collections. In this blog, Luc shows some things found in his house!
Luc bikes best before he gets onto the bike.

Luc's 5 Favourite Biking Routes

Date:27 March 2021
Spring is in the air - what better way to enjoy the outdoors than a bike ride around our beautiful province? Take a look through 5 of Luc's favourite biking routes for some ideas on how to maximise your free time, and get those endorphins flowing!
As a Law / Arts student, this building will become your second home.

Doing Two Master’s programmes at the University of Groningen - student perspective

Date:24 March 2021
Avital interviews Master's student Jessica who is completing two Master's programmes with the Faculty of Law. Jessica shares her experiences as a Master's student as well as her reasons behind choosing her field of study!
The cities look more beautiful in Spring!

8 Wholesome Spring Activities

Date:20 March 2021
Spring is here! With warmer temperatures and gorgeous landscapes full of blossoming flowers, comes a whole new set of activities that you can do! Check these 8 wholesome Spring activities for inspiration.
Riiiiiise and shine!

Becoming a morning person (and enjoying it!)

Date:16 March 2021
In this blog, Avital is sharing her tips for becoming a morning person so you can make the most of your study or work day. 
If you could use some help setting up your profile, keep reading!

Expanding your network with LinkedIn

Date:13 March 2021
Whether you’re looking for an internship, have recently graduated or would like to get to know interesting people in your field, LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your experience and connect with like-minded people. In this blog, I will introduce you to the world of LinkedIn so you can make the most of the tools it offers.
Check them out below!

The Ultimate Resource Guide to Choosing Your Master's

Date:09 March 2021

Thinking about the next step in your career after your bachelor’s can sometimes be an intimidating, but nevertheless exciting process. Especially now, in a world of uncertainties, there are many factors that are important to visit (and re-visit) prior to...

Our pride and glory: Aletta Jacobs!

International Women's Day: four important women of the UG

Date:06 March 2021

Every year on 8 March, it’s International Women’s Day, the annual day dedicated to celebrating women. In this blog, I’d like to shed some light on the most important women who have studied at the University of Groningen over the years!