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The Dutch get pretty literal with their words

Top 7 Crazy Dutch Words

Date:02 July 2020
One of the best things about the Dutch language is the amount of crazy words that exist. Here are my favorite 7.
The ACLO Sports Centre

Exploring the ACLO Sports Centre!

Date:02 July 2020
The ACLO is often one of the first stops for any student in Groningen who is interested in getting together for a team sport or just wants to get in shape at the gym. In this blog, I will be having a look at the ACLO Sports Centre and see what the ACLO has to offer!
2020 in a nutshell

How to Meet New People Despite Covid-19

Date:01 July 2020
I think we can all agree on one thing: 2020 has not been great so far, especially when it comes to meeting new people and making friends. For this blog, I tried to think of some rather innovative methods of how you can meet new people - all while staying safe and following the advice of the health authorities. 
Ready to change these tropical surroundings for some bikes and canals!

Moving to Groningen during Corona Times

Date:30 June 2020
Moving to Groningen might be a tad different this year, but that doesn't mean it can't be a great experience. With proper planning, you’ll get to experience the best things that Groningen has to offer! Here are some quick tips.
How I feel about having to take an exam in 30 degree heat

6 relatable things about taking an exam at home 

Date:26 June 2020
Who would've thought we'd ever miss the orange walls of the Aletta Jacob's building? Read Danique's blog about all the relatable struggles of doing exams from your student room.
You don't know a real challenge until you're looking for power outlets at the Academy Building

5 Items Every UG Student Needs

Date:25 June 2020
If there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that student life can get quite challenging at times. This is why I’ve put together a list of 5 items that every UG student needs for when the going gets tough. And no, I don’t mean planners and sticky notes.
Checking out the new events around the city

This Week in Groningen: 24.06 - 01.07

Date:23 June 2020
This week in Groningen: terraces, student concert, outdoor dance training, and more!
Go full pull tourist in the city you've lived in for several years this summer

Staycation guide: how to make the most of your summer in and around Groningen

Date:17 June 2020
Staying home this summer? No worries! Danique has written about all of the places you can visit and things you can do to still feel like you are on vacation.
It's confusing, I know.

The Corona Steps: Explained

Date:17 June 2020
A lot of change has been happening regarding the COVID-19 safety measures and you might lost track of what's going on in the Netherlands. If so, here's a quick guide to the official plan.
Some faculties have individual student support departments. Make sure to look around for them!

Uni Resources You Should Know

Date:16 June 2020
This blog will show you the ins-and-outs of all the resources provided by the University of Groningen, divided into 4 major categories: academic resources, career resources, wellbeing/health resources, and other various resources.