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7 Podcasts You Should Know

Date:15 June 2020
Check out my favourite podcasts!
Check out my favourite podcasts!

When you’ve run out of good songs to listen to or just want to educate yourself on the go, there is nothing better than a podcast. During the last few months, I’ve had more than enough time on my hands to discover some new shows to kill the time at home and of course, what makes finding a new show even better is getting to share it with your friends. This is why I’ve made a list of my top 7 favourite podcasts at the moment. Enjoy listening! 

1. The Happiness Lab - Feel good and Psychology 

‘The Happiness Lab’ is a podcast that I just randomly came across one day and which actually ended up changing the way I think about certain things. In each episode, Dr Laurie Santos, a psychology professor at Yale, explores the things that make us truly happy from a scientific perspective. Now you might instinctively think that this would include things like making a lot of money or landing that dream job, but that is actually far from the truth. In each episode, different stories are shared about people and their path towards happiness while also giving tips on how you can live a happier life. So in case, you are feeling anxious, depressed or are simply curious - go and check out this absolutely wholesome feel-good podcast.    

2. The Vergecast - Technology and Gadgets

If you are into gadgets and the world of technology, you have to listen to ‘The Vergecast’. Basically the Vergecast is a summary of all the important tech news of the week. It is presented by two excellent hosts, Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn, who cover anything from phone reviews to SpaceX launches and controversial topics like the power of big tech firms. Every once in a while they will also interview some big industry names who will give some insight into how certain products are developed or what gadgets will be coming up in the future.    

3. Fall of Civilizations Podcast - History 

All you need to know about this podcast is already included in the title. Each episode deals with the fall of a civilization, be it the Aztecs, the Vikings or, my personal favourite, the natives of Easter Island. Similarly to ‘Dan Carlin’s Harcore History’, which is the gold standard as far as history podcasts go, each episode lasts several hours whichleaves enough room for delving deep into the subject and is perfect if you are at the start of a  long trip! 

4. The Economist’s ‘The World Ahead’ - Future Society

Enough with the past, let’s have a look at the future instead. ‘The World Ahead’ deals with a bunch of “speculative scenarios” and “provocative prophecies” concerning our future. In times where a lot of things do not seem too certain anymore, Tom Standage meets up with different experts and journalists from The Economist to see what may come next. While the podcast deals with a lot of hypotheticals, it also manages to give a good overview of the current state of world affairs. Moreover, it gives an idea of how we could prepare for different scenarios and possibly even prevent certain disasters from happening. Before deciding to skip 2020, have a listen to this podcast to see what might be next. 

5. 1619 - The New York Times - Slavery in the U.S

The New York Times is known for producing some of the best podcasts around and ‘1619’ is no exception. In this audio series about how slavery has transformed America, Nikole Hannah Jones delves into the history of slavery while also attempting to unravel its impact which is still felt in modern-day America. I strongly recommend you to listen to this podcast as it is an excellent starting point to educate yourself on some of the issues currently being hotly discussed around the world. 

6. Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine - Medical History

If you are into history, medicine, comedy or a combination of all three, then ‘Sawbones’ is a podcast you need to check out. In each episode, Dr Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin explore and discuss some of the weird ways in which doctors tried to treat their patients throughout the ages. Admittedly, some of these methods are pretty gross while others are just downright weird (listen to the garlic episode if you want to know what I’m talking about). But regardless of the weird disease or practice at hand, the hosts are hilarious and you will always come away having learned something new. 

7. Ear Hustle - Prison Culture 

‘Ear Hustle’ is a podcast that deals with life behind bars in the U.S. While there are plenty of tv shows and movies that do the same, this prison podcast is special because it is actually produced and recorded by current and former prisoners. Most episodes deal with prison culture in a way that most documentaries made by outsiders are not able to. For instance, there are episodes dealing with LGBTQ+ life, conjugal visits and birthday’s behind bars. Trust me, this podcast will give you a completely new picture of the U.S prison system and the people living in it.     

If you want to listen to these podcasts, make sure to check out my favourite episodes on this Spotify playlist I made. Also, I am always on the lookout for some new podcasts to listen to, so if you know any feel free to share in the comments!  

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