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Master Honours Programme: "Culmination of my Student Days"

Master Honours Programme “Culmination of my Student Days”

By Gert-Jan Kamphuis en Sibren Douma

At the start of September 2011 we started the Master Honours Programme. Gert-Jan has a background in Dentistry: "As a student of Dentistry I sought to broadening my education. The Honours Programme gave me this opportunity. I enrolled at once." Sibren has a background in corporate law: "Groningen has a well recommended faculty of law. However, I also wanted to gather knowledge from outside my faculty. When I heard that the theme for the interdisciplinary Honours Programme for Master Student would be 'Leadership', I took up that challenge." Both of us have completed the Honours Master Programme.

The Programme started with explaining a theoretical foundation through so-called Master Classes. The central theme was shown and explained from different angles. “Last year I approached the concept Leadership from a military and a psychological perspective.” according to Sibren. In the same time, in the first semester, your personal leadership skills will be attended. This will happen in workshops. In a small group of fellow students your manifestations will be reflected.

The second semester was dedicated to the Leadership Lab. “I like to see it as implementing that, which I had learnt in the first semester” said Gert-Jan delighted, “it was very interesting to see how theory can work in reality.”

The closing part of the Master Honours College is the Master Work. That’s where the two students really got to know each other, through their cooperation. The combination of creativity and sense of perspective brought forward a yet unknown synergy to us. After not too much time we had the idea to organize a symposium about the free market in health care.

The Honours College supported us from the beginning in executing our plan. Before we knew it, it was the 14th of May, and 300 guests were sitting in the Great Hall. It was a very special experience to build this symposium from scratch. We needed to pay attention to all aspects. The Medical Knowledge Instititute was involved. When asking President and Founder Harold Robles to come, he was very enthusiastic about it. After the symposium we made a refund of the remaining financial sponsorship.

Initiative gets rewarded; we were very content about how the symposium turned out. However, the best was yet to come. Harold Robes’ good friend, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, was to come to the Netherlands in September 2012. When we received this news, we informed the Honours College, and this got things going for an honorary doctorate for His Grace. The honorary doctorate was awarded on 24 September 2012.

The Master Honours Programme gives you a lot of freedom and possibilities to get the best out of yourself. The Symposium and the honorary doctorate were the culmination of our student days. We wouldn’t want to miss this experience. If you are interested in the theme and you are seeking a challenge, we certainly advise you to apply for the Honours College.

Sibren Douma                                 Gert-Jan Kamphuis

Den Haag                                           Cape Town

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