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More experiences of the Bachelor's Honours programme

20 October 2021

On this page, Bachelor's Honours students and alumni share their first-hand experiences of the Bachelor's Honours programme through videos and interviews.


Twan Tomp

"If you want to expand your horizon, meet new people, do a lovely Summer/Winter school, get the chance to do some fun extracurriculars, and simply get that nice extra challenge, then I highly recommend that you do the Bachelor’s Honours programme!" Read the full interview on our Instagram or Facebook.

Wally and Tais

Wally and Tais

Wally studies Medicine and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, and he was a student of the Almeda cohort of the Honours College. He is currently enrolled in the Master's Honours Leadership programme. "So after I joined the Honours College I participated in a medical course about doing research in Kidney, and during that course I had very close contact with the professor. You work in really small groups and as a result of that I was able to ask him if I could join his research team so I joined his research team for the summer where I actually was able to participate in medical research in my first year already."

Tais is an International and European Law student of the Almeda cohort of the Honours College. "Once I found out about the Honours College about the broadening and deepening modules as well as the Pick Your Own Talents modules, I was like this is perfect for me because it allows me to delve more into my main interest, but also to take courses in areas that I also really love deeply."

Kimberley and Bente
Kimberley and Bente

Kimberley Chitando and Bente Kato Braaksma

Kimberley, International & European Law LLB: "Honours, surprisingly, is not all about the marks that you get or how high your marks are. It's more about how you interact with each other and how you can get to the essence of the material."

Bente, Bsc. Global Responsibility & Leadership: "I really like to have a broad vision, to do a lot, to learn a lot, to get in contact with a lot of other people. The Honours programme provided me with that opportunity."



Video testimonial with Annelieke, a Bachelor's Honours student, about her experiences with the Honours programme faculty of Economics and Business. During the programme, she had to work on a portfolio with activities related to the Honours programme.


Wally van der Laan

"The Honours College and the university allow you to profile yourself and find out who you actually are and not who you think you are." Read the full interview on our Instagram or Facebook.

Charlotte Mennema

"I was really drawn to the diversity and different topics, being able not only to deepen your program but also look into different things as well."


Ece Aydin

"I also really liked the workshops we took and skills classes. They really helped me see things from a different perspective. My favourite course was ‘Effective Teamwork’. It gave me such a different perspective." Read the full interview on our Instagram or Facebook.


Tjalle Broeksma

"From my experience, if you're a student at the University of Groningen, then you're most likely able to do the honours courses as well. And then it's just a little bit of planning but honestly, it’s very doable in my opinion. So I would advise you to just go ahead and try to get in!" Read the full interview on our Instagram or Facebook.

Victor Budinic

"In general, I think it is really just the curiosity that you need to bring to the programme."

Marla Dressen

"Committing to the program meant spending time on acquiring research and learning skills that I would not have been able to achieve myself during the regular program."

Ellen Henricson

"The programme surprised me by providing not only traditional education, but also practical life skills that can be applied to future endeavours regardless of the substantive focus of those, and fantastic little moments with strangers who became my friends."

Florencina Edgina

"I like to learn a lot of stuff and I figured that when I go to university, this is sort of my last chance before I enter into the real-world. I think the Honours college is perfect for that."

Henry Daniels

Henry Daniels has two businesses, one of them being Revista Coffee that sells coffee at the Herebrug in Groningen. Watch the video to find out how he combines his business with the Honours Bachelor!


Christiane Bös

''My experience will aid me in becoming a more rounded, critical and reflective psychotherapist in the future.''


Tristan Looden

"It features small scale education and a lot of interaction with your professors."


Thijmen Calis

"I got the opportunity to conduct in depth research on an economic or business topic."


Job de Grefte

"Honours College was an unforgettable experience for me.''


Danique van Vliet

''I realized that there are so much more perspectives to consider regarding dilemmas in health care than I previously thought."

Sandra Karomi - Summer School Vancouver

"Summer School is for many the main reason to choose the Honours Program. Vancouver's Summer School exists out of two parts"

Danpaati project Suriname

"In August of 2017, a group of 20 students went to Suriname for the summerschool Danpaati project Suriname."

Dian - Summer School Lisbon

"Last year, I went to the summer school Religion in the Public Domain in sunny Lisbon."

Gopesh Tamminga

Dutch Civil Notary Law student: Trip to Washington

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