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Strategic plan

Short summary of the strategic plan 2017-2020

The Honours College is committed to provide a challenging learning environment in which talent is recognized and fostered. As such, it contributes to society: students from across the university are encouraged to tackle complex problems from different disciplinary perspectives. The Honours College is an interdisciplinary and international community in which students deepen and broaden their knowledge and skills.

Diversity, innovative potential, inclusion and involvement are the core values that guide the behaviour and attitude of students, lecturers and employees at the Honours College. Through these values we try to create an environment in which different ideas, backgrounds and skills contribute to the development of talent, creativity and innovation in our learning community.

Our mission and vision result in ambitious, challenging co-curricular Honours programme that can be tailored to the students' individual needs and talents. Our strategic goals focus on strengthening the Honours College's role as a testing ground for innovations, further developing the interdisciplinary nature of the programme and the learning community, improving the integration of the theme of 'employability', improving quality assurance systems and working towards a national quality standard for university Honours programme.

Read the strategic plan 2017-2020.

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