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Programme committee & Board of Examiners

Programme committee

The Honours College has a Bachelor's Programme Committee. The task of the programme committee is to issue solicited or unsolicited recommendations or proposals to the Dean concerning any matters regarding the teaching within the Honours programme. Therefore, the programme committee's purpose is to improve the quality of the Honours Programme. This means that anything related to the quality of the Honours Programme may be a topic for discussion in the meetings. During such discussions, the opinions of student members and staff members carry equal weight. Almost every faculty is represented by a staff and student member. For more information about the work and the composition of the committees, contact Suzanne Hack (official secretary).

The Board of Examiners
The main task of the Board of Examiners is to determine whether a student fulfils the conditions laid down in the Education and Assessment Regulations (EAR) regarding the knowledge, understanding and skills required to pass the relevant final examination. For more information about the work and the composition of the board, contact Suzanne Hack (official secretary).
Education and Assessment Regulations (EAR)

To meet the educational quality requirements, the Honours College created the 'Education and Assessment Regulations' (EAR), based on the UG model 'Teaching and Examination Regulations' (TER). Honours students can also find a digital version of the EAR in the Student Portal Honours organization.

For more information about the procedure and composition of the Board of Examiners for the Bachelor's Honours Programme, please contact the official secretary, Suzanne Hack (honours.boardofexaminers

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