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Teaching Excellence Fellowships awarded

20 October 2015

On October 14, the Teaching Excellence Fellowships were awarded to 30 teachers of the University, who are involved in teaching excellence. Rector Magnificus prof. dr. Elmer Sterken awarded the fellowships on behalf of the Board of the University.

The TEFs focus on innovation in excellence education, with the purpose to exchange ideas and experiences. The selection committee included among others Elmer Sterken (Rector Magnificus), Hanny Elzinga (dean Honours College), Hans van Ees (dean UCG), Ritsert Jansen (dean Talent Development) and Lou Leij (dean of Graduate Schools).

Teachers who have received a TEF: Dries Faems (FEB), Killian McCarthy (FEB), Petros Milionis (FEB), Tristan Kohl (FEB), Aline Klingenberg (FRG), Jo Dorscheidt (FRG), Nicolle Zeegers (FRG), Jan Albert van Laar (FWB), Anton Scheurink (FSE), Elisabetta Pallante (FES), Franz Weissing (FES), Gerard Renardel de Lavalette (FES), Katja Loos (FES), Marieke van Vugt (FES), Erin Wilson (GGW), Ellen van der Werff (GMW), Nina Hansen (GMW), Tassos (Anastasios) Sarampalis (GMW), Tina Kretschmer (GMW/MED), Ben Giepmans (MED), Ingrid Molema (MED), Jan Maarten van Dijl (MED), Marianna Bevova (MED), Dorina Maria Buda (RUI), Gerd Weitkamp (RUI), Louise Meijering (RUI), Margriet van der Waal/Marian Counihan (UCG), Wander Jager (UCG), Gerco Onderwater (UCG/FES), Tjeerd Andringa (UCG/FES).

Teaching Excellence Fellowships 2015
Teaching Excellence Fellowships 2015
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