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Talk Jennifer Schijf - Opening Ceremony Year 2 Honours College

24 September 2019

Dear students of the Hawking cohort,

Great to see you again! And welcome to the second year of your honours college programme.

Hopefully you still recognize me: I am Jennifer, the PhD researcher who is doing research on you and your learning experience within the honours college programme. I am also the one who overloaded you with an extensive questionnaire during the skills modules and of course with chocolate bars.

While you were enjoying your summer holidays, I worked on analyzing over 250 questionnaires of you. Which was very interesting to do and sometimes extremely frustrating... May you be interested in the preliminary results, please join me at the Module Market after the ceremony.

In this second honours college year, we continue the research project with - I promise you - very very very short questionnaires and interviews with honours students and lecturers. Our research focuses on your learning process during the Broadening Modules. Each week you will be asked to reflect on three aspects of learning, namely challenge, motivation and capabilities. Besides that we ask you what new insights you gained in the course and what aspects of the course challenged you the most. At the end of the course I will interview some of you to enrich the questionnaire data with your stories. With this research we hope to gain a better understanding of how you perceive interdisciplinary education and how these courses could be further enriched to optimize the learning process of honours students.

I am at the Module Market to answer your questions and to discuss remarks or suggestions.

I wish you a challenging and interesting honours year!

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