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Dean's message: Let your voice be heard!

07 March 2017
Honours College
Several times a year the Dean of the Honours College (Hanny Elzinga) writes a Dean's message, to give a glimpse into what is happening within the Honours College. This time it is about voicing your opinions.

Let your voice be heard!

Dear Honours students,

Elections have been receiving much attention recently. The United States held their presidential election last year, and it demonstrated the impact of voting, protest voting or not voting at all. The Dutch elections are approaching rapidly, yet this year Germany, France and Turkey will also hold their elections. Elections offer the opportunity to let your voice be heard by making your vote count, and I believe it is important to do just that, regardless of how young or how old you are.

Elections are not the only place where you can voice your opinions, views and beliefs: another such place is education. The NSS (National Student Survey/ Dutch: Nationale Studenten Enquête) provides the opportunity for students nationwide to evaluate their educational programme, as well as for Honours students to do the same with their Honours programme.

On the subject of Honours education, you can also let your voice be heard at the Honours College. For instance, by filling out our course evaluation forms. We try to keep these as compact as possible while at the same time giving you as much space as possible to tell us your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. You can also share these with us by making an appointment with our (new) study advisor Nick, or one of our other staff members.

When you make your voice heard, you can nudge something in the right direction. By making your voice heard, you can express your involvement, both in elections and education. Making your voice heard could make the difference.

Yet what I find just as important as letting your voice be heard, is that those voices are listened to. At the Honours College, we always try to do our utmost to listen to the concerns, thoughts and suggestions of our students, using these contributions to improve our programmes and provide individually-tailored education plans. Your contributions are very important to us, so let your voice be heard!

prof. dr. H.K. (Hanny) Elzinga LLM

Last modified:07 March 2017 10.42 a.m.

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