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Dean's message: summer

22 July 2016
Honours College
Several times a year the Dean of the Honours College (Hanny Elzinga) writes a Dean's message, to give a glimpse into what is happening within the Honours College. This time it is about inspirations for Honours education.


Dear Honours students,

It is the summer period at our university. Students, lecturers, and staff have finished their work and went on vacation. Summer; time to enjoy life, the sun, the sea, and culture. Time for travelling, to read books, and perhaps some time for work.

At the Honours College the summer period has started as well. But before we close the door to join our vacation, we have to look ahead to the new academic year. Which modules are we going to offer to our Honour students? And which attractive, new, and challenging subjects can we offer? I would like to give you a glimpse behind the scenes, to show how new Honours modules are created.

Not long before the beginning of the summer I spoke with a lecturer. I asked him what he really wants to do with Honours students, which themes he would like to discuss, and how he would like to design the lectures. He told me he preferred teaching in small groups, and he really wants to work together with the students in an interactive way. His enthusiasm and his passion were so inspiring and contagious. He told me about the years when he was a student himself. In those years he read a scientific book which highly moved him, and during his scientific life he reread the book several times. He showed me the worn book. This book had meant a great deal to him, and it still does. He would like to share the ideas from this book with the Honours students, and the inspiration he took from these ideas. We can say that the author of the book gave him food for thought about ‘the essence of it.’ Maybe you recognize this feeling. The enthusiasm of the lecturer was obvious. The next step is, starting from his ideas, to build attractive and challenging Honours education. This is a topic I will think over during the summer, but I will definitely take the recommended book with me in my travel bag.

I would like to wish all of you a great and inspiring summer, and I will see you again at the start of the new academic year. Perhaps we can discuss a pioneering book you have read..

prof. dr. H.K. (Hanny) Elzinga LLM

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