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Dean's message: warning levels

03 February 2016
Honours College
Several times a year the Dean of the Honours College (Hanny Elzinga) writes a Dean's message, to give a glimpse into what is happening within the Honours College. This time it is about how students can help to improve education.

Warning level orange and warning level red

Dear Honours students,

The first month of the year 2016 passed by quickly. A year that, when we look at the winter conditions, took off exceptionally. Sleet, snow, icy roads and the weather warning levels orange and red, which even resulted in closing the University buildings. The Honours College uses warning levels orange and red too, and not only as weather warnings but also in the quality assurance of their education. Let me tell you more about it:

The month January not only defines the beginning of a new year, but also the end of the first semester in an Academic year. I know that most of you studied hard for the last exams of the first semester. Of course, you wonder if you have successfully finished your courses and what grades you have obtained.

We are also interested in your results, but we would like to know more. The Honours College and the lecturers who provide the Honours modules are very interested to know how our Honours students appreciate the modules we have offered you. Therefore, at the end of each semester we ask you to evaluate the Honours courses, which gives you the opportunity to give feedback on our education. The results of these evaluations are very important for the Honours College and our lecturers. To assess these outcomes we use a level green, level orange and level red.

Level green means students are satisfied with the lecture and that there is no reason to look more closely at the course. But with level orange and level red our alarm bells start ringing and we will examine the course. Lecturers are also very interested in the results because they wish to improve their modules for students. However, this will only succeed if all students participate in the course evaluations. That is why we expect our talented and dedicated students to cooperate enthusiastically to these evaluations and as a result help to improve the Honours education.

Like the weather warning levels orange or red affects our behaviour, so do these colour-codes affect our education. All modules, but especially the ones where an alarm bell is ringing, will be discussed by the Honours programme committee and the involved lectures. And if necessary, the module will be adapted. For us the quality of Honours education is a serious matter.

For now I would like to wish you all the best with your courses in the second semester. We hope you will cooperate to improve the Honours education by filling in the evaluations and make it even better than it already is!

prof. dr. H.K. (Hanny) Elzinga LLM

Last modified:22 July 2016 11.49 a.m.

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