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Master Your Excellent Talent

Choose a Master that suits your talent, choose one of the University’s outstanding Research or Selective Masters and/or join one of the Master excellence programmes of the Honours College!

Choosing the right Master programme is of upmost importance for your further success as a student and for your future career prospects. Are you interested in a career in Academia, or in a broader sense in society? Then you might be interested in one of our top rated Research Master's or Honours Master's. Therefore, we would like to invite you to the Master Your Excellent Talent meeting we have scheduled on Tuesday 12 March in the Academy building.

During this event we will offer you more information on how a Research Master or Honours Programme can lead to your future career and you will be introduced to Research Master students, young PhD students (from the areas of natural sciences, medical science, social sciences and humanities) and Master Honours Students.

This event is meant to give you a general overview of the Honours College and Graduate Schools and you will be able to meet current students, PhD's or professionals who can tell you all about their experiences. This is a good preparation before going to the specific programmes on your faculty during the Master's day to get more in-depth information.


19:30 Opening
Speeches by Hanny Elzinga (Dean Honours College) & Lou de Leij (Dean Graduate Schools)
20:00 Short presentations divided in two groups: alpha/gamma and bèta/medical
20:30 Speed dates and networking event with Research Master's, Honours and PhD students
21:30 End of the event
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