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The English-taught programme ‘Leadership: Making the difference!’ of 15 ECTS is followed in addition to your regular Master's programme without having to pay extra tuition fees. It is a one-year interdisciplinary programme where you explore the theme of leadership from various angles, not only in theory but even more in practice.

Personal Development Plan

Your personal development is key. What do you want to do? Which skills do you want to develop? What are your strengths, but maybe more importantly, what are your weaknesses? What are your preferred choices when it comes to the content of the programme? Giving attention to your personal development gets you ready to make the difference. At the beginning of the programme you write a start document formulating these questions and your personal learning objectives. This will be your guideline when choosing or developing your honoursmodules. At the end of the programme you and your faculty coordinator reflect on your initial ideas and how they did or maybe did not work out.

Master Classes

During the Master Classes you develop your knowledge and understanding of leadership and leadership theories. You can choose four Master Classes, ranging from a wide variety of subjects dealing with leadership in the world of politics, energy, businesses, science etc. In the classes a scientific approach is combined with experiences and stories of prominent lecturers and interesting guest speakers. Master Classes take place in the evening or on a Saturday.

Personal Development Workshop

During or shortly after the Master Classes extra attention is paid to personal development via a Personal Development Workshop. In a workshop of your choice you discover what your strengths and weaknesses are. You can learn, for instance, how to prepare for job applications, how to present yourself or learn about influencing the dynamics in teamwork. All useful skills for the future.

Leadership Lab

A Leadership Lab is a project in which you can observe, experience and practice a number of leadership skills. During the project you will learn how the various aspects of leadership skills (e.g. effective communication, cooperation, ability to convince) work in practice. There are many different labs to choose from, this enables you to choose the one that fits your personal learning goals best. The project can take the form of a short placement or a specific assignment (e.g. setting up a societal or educational project, writing a policy plan, organizing an (academic) event).

Master Work

The Honours Master concludes with your Master Work. This involves designing and carrying out your own project in which you put your newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice. The content can be geared to your plans for the future. Do you want to start your own business when you graduate? Do you want to organize conferences, or would you prefer working on (writing a grant proposal for) a research project? All these, and many more, are possible orientations for a Master Work.

If you plan to study abroad, you can work on the programme during that period, but this is only possible when your stay abroad is scheduled in the second semester of the Honours Master.

Interested? Check our application procedure to apply for this programme!

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