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Information meetings

How do I learn more about the content of the Honours Bachelor’s programme?

On our site, you will find more information on the content of the Honours Bachelor’s programme. You can also visit our information meetings in January and February in which you can meet both the Study Advisor and students within the Honours Bachelor’s programme. You can also read about the experiences of students who have already completed the programme.


Can I still apply for the Honours Bachelor’s programme if I am not the best 10% of my programme?

Yes, if you meet the following requirements, you can always apply for the Honours Bachelor’s programme. There is no difference in how the applications are processed.

Is it possible to start the Honours Programme in my second year of my bachelor?

The Honours College only knows one selection moment for first-year students. Once the Honours Bachelor’s programme starts, it lasts until the end of your regular bachelor. Therefore, it is not possible to start the programme later than in the first year.

Should the attached resume be in English, or can it also be in Dutch?

To make sure everyone in the admissions board can understand your resume, we prefer it written in English.

Should I add a picture to my resume?

It is not necessary to add a picture to your resume, however it can sometimes be good to show yourself on your resume.

Should my list of grades be an official transcript of records, or does a copy of ProgressWWW suffice?

A copy of ProgressWWW does not suffice, you do need an official transcript of records. You can get this from the student administration of your own faculty.

I only have my list of grades in my own language, should this be translated into English?

It is best to hand in your list of grades in the same way you did when you applied for your regular programme at the university of Groningen.

To whom should the recommendation letter be addressed?

It is best to address the letter of recommendation to the admissions board of the Honours College.

What should be the content of the letter of recommendation? Is there a format?

There is not a format for the letter of recommendation. However, the goal of the letter is that the referent convinces the applications board of the fact that you are qualified for the Honours Bachelor’s programme. On top of that, the admissions board would like to know if you are capable of completing the Honours Bachelor’s programme and your regular programme next to each other in due time.

Should all the information regarding the application be collected in one document?

To make sure we get all your information through the system, it is crucial you collect it all in one Word or PDF file. Do not compress the information into a zip file, this will not work. Also, make sure that the file has a recognizable file name, which at least includes your full name.

Is it still possible to get into the selection process after I missed the application deadline?

Unfortunately, you cannot join the selection process after missing the application deadline.

Is it possible to join both the selection for the Honours Programme in Philosophy (HPinPh) as well as the selection for the regular Honours Programme?

Students should decide before the application which programme they want to follow. They cannot apply for both the Honours Programme in Philosophy and the regular Honours Programme.

For students in the programme

What will happen if I cannot fulfil the 100% attendance requirements due to unforeseen circumstances?

Generally, the Honours College is strict on the 100% attendance requirements. Some exceptions can be made in case of illness, overlap with other study obligations and severe family circumstances such as the passing of a family member. If you are in one of these situations, please contact both the Honours College as well as your teacher. They will look at how you can compensate for the missed material.

How can I make up for an unforeseen absence of a class?

If it is the case that you miss a session of a course due to special circumstances the teacher of that course will decide what the best way is to make up for backlog on the material. Most of the time, this will be through a replacement assignment. In the case that you miss a plenary Honours event, the Honours College will look for a way to make up for that.

How do I know if I am on track with the programme and the progress requirements?

If you pass your courses, you are on track with the programme. If you want to know which courses you should pass in a year, you can check Ocasys or the student portal. If you did not pass one or more courses, please contact our Study Advisor at honours.advisor to make an appointment. If you want to know if you still meet the progress requirements, you can check the Educations and Assessment Regulations (EAR) in the student portal.

For the application for my masters or a job, I need a letter of recommendation and/or an official copy of my results, can I get these?

If you want a letter of recommendation, or need official proof of your results (you can get a stamped copy of ProgressWWW), you can contact our Student Adviser via honours.advisor

How can I quit the Honours College?

If you have the idea that the Honours College is not for you, you can stop by sending an email to either the Study Advisor (honours.advisor or to Student Affairs (honours After that, you will be invited for an evaluation meeting. The Honours College administration will make sure that you are removed from the programme. If you quit during your courses, please also contact the teacher of those courses to let them know you will not show up again. Do you have doubts about the programme? Feel free to contact the study advisor to discuss this and see what the possibilities are.

After completion of the programme

Where can I get my certificate after I finished the programme?

The Honours College does not give out separate certificates for the programme since the results will appear on the regular diploma. After finishing the Honours Programme students do receive a letter of recommendation at the graduation ceremony. If you cannot be there, it is possible to collect your letter of recommendation at the desk in the Honours Tower. Please do contact honours before you do so to see when it is possible to collect the letter.

How can I make sure that my Honours Programme result show on my diploma?

To make sure your results show on your regular diploma, they need to be approved by the exam committee of your regular programme together with your regular courses. You have to add your list of courses into ProgressWWW in order to get them on your diploma.

Can I get an official declaration of my submission into the programme?

The Honours College does not give out any other declaration of your submission than the letter of submission the students get after the selection.

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