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Education Honours College Bachelor's Honours Programme

Application documents

Here you will find an overview of the required application documents. Your application file must contain the following documents listed below:

  1. A completed application form (this document can be found in the Student Portal organization under 'Application Form').
  2. A short essay/motivation letter (max. 500 words in English) stating: (1) why you want to be admitted to the Honours Programme, based on your own expectations, and ambitions and you unique skills, characteristics and interests; (2) what you hope to gain from the programme; 3) and how can you contribute to the Honours College.
  3. A Curriculum Vitae. In order to make the interview a bit more personal, some interviewers like to have a clear and presentable picture of yourself included on the CV.
  4. An official transcript of records to date of your Bachelor's degree programme (i.e. including marks for failed examinations). An overview of your list of results in Progress will suffice.
  5. A transcript of records from your secondary education diploma (high school).
  6. At least one personal reference letter* by a qualified expert who is not someone from the University of Groningen (e.g. high school teacher, high school study advisor, high school mentor or a (former) employer) specifically for this application, demonstrating your suitability for the Honours Programme. The reference letter should help convince the Admissions Board of your suitability for the Honours Programme in a broad sense (e.g. reflecting on both academic and personal skills). Be as creative and resourceful as possible in finding someone who will help you convince us of your suitability.

    *If it is not possible to have the reference letter in English, a letter in Dutch is acceptable.

    In addition to the obligatory reference letter from a qualified expert, you may use a lecturer from within your own faculty as a second, optional, reference, but he/she does not have to write a formal recommendation letter. Instead, after consulting with the lecturer and only with their consent, provide us with the name and contact information of this lecturer so we can contact them personally.
  7. You can also include other documents if you think they contribute to the evidence of your suitability for the Honours Programme.
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