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Honours College student

  • I've completed my Honours College programme, but haven't got my Bachelor's degree yet. May I still receive my Honours Diploma?

    No, you may only receive an Honours Diploma when you have completed your Bachelor's degree programme.
  • I really enjoyed the Honours College and did well, but my regular degree programme isn't going well and I've heard I have to leave - why?

    An Honour Programme is above and beyond your regular degree programme, which takes priority. Otherwise, study delay could be the result, which would be to no-one's benefit.

    You should have already spoken about this with your Faculty Honours coordinator and with your study advisor. The decision to dismiss you will - if all is well - have been taken carefully, taking all special, personal circumstances into consideration.

    If you do not agree with the decision, you may appeal it. The Teaching and Examination Regulations on Nestor will tell you how to do so.

  • I haven't done much for the Honours College this semester, because I had other things to do (board membership, etc.), do I have to stop?

    It's possible to temporarily spend less time on the Honours Programme due to, for instance, studying abroad or because of committee activities and the like.

    However, you must request permission in advance, so consult your faculty Honours coordinator in good time. He or she can help you arrange matters.

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