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Health insurance

  • What type of healthcare insurance do I need?

    Which type of insurance you need while living in the Netherlands depends heavily on your status in the Netherlands.

    There are three types of healthcare insurances:
    • Dutch basic (or public) healthcare insurance
    • EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
    • Private insurance
    Most students who do not have a (part-time) job or (paid) internship only need an EHIC or private student insurance. The moment you work and receive a salary, however, you are obligated to take out the Dutch basic healthcare insurance.

    In general the below is the case
    Student studying in the Netherlands  private insurance is sufficient 
    Student with a (part-time) job or paid internship Dutch basic healthcare insurance is required
    Salaried staff Dutch basic healthcare insurance is required
    PhD-student with a scholarship from the UG  Dutch basic health insurance is required
    PhD-student with own funds or scholarship from abroad private insurance is sufficient
    In order to be absolutely sure which type of insurance you need, you can ask the SVB to assess your Wlz insurance position in the Netherlands. You can do so by following the instructions on the SVB website.

    More information 

    Still unsure which type of insurance you need? Feel free to send an e-mail to contact us. Do not forget to mention your nationality, the purpose of your stay in the Netherlands, which (type of) insurance you currently have, and whether you have a (part-time) job or (paid) internship.

  • I received a letter from ZiN, CAK or SVB. What should I do?

    If you have received a letter from ZiN, CAK or the SVB, immediate action is required.

    Please make scans of all the letters you received, and send them to contact us. The International Service Desk (ISD) will then inform you about the next step(s).

    If you prefer to visit the desk with your letters, please make an appointment.
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