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Welcoming Ceremony

We would like to wholeheartedly welcome you to the University of Groningen! Whether you are a Bachelor, Master, exchange or PhD student, it’s great to have you with us. Our rector Cisca Wijmenga en ESN’s president David Kraandijk would like to say a few words to you to welcome you in the video below.

Online goodie bag

We have also gathered interesting and useful information for you in an online goodie bag, which you can browse through whenever you like. The goodie bag has information on (for example) sports, student societies, insurance, and fun (off- and online) events to join!

Goodie bags are handed out to students

Aftermovie Welcoming PARTY 2019

ESN Introduction week

The ESN introduction week is another great way to start off your time in Groningen. Get to know your way around the city, find out where the best bars and clubs are, learn about Dutch history, watch a comedy act and learn everything about the transport (even how to ride a bike!).

Public transport in the Netherlands

Public transport card with discount for international students

RUG Groningen and ISIC have arranged a special public transport card with discount for international students.

In the Netherlands you need an OV-chipkaart to travel around with the train, bus, metro and tram. There are two possibilities :

  • An anonymous card without any discount
  • A personal card, where you need a Dutch debit card and the buying process is written in Dutch

Both options are not ideal for international students. That is why ISIC created the ISIC/OV-chipkaart, a custom-made card for international students. Buy the basic card for €15,- (including the ISIC card) and sign-up (optional) for services and discount created for international students for a small monthly fee:

  • 15% discount during off-peak hours on national railway (NS)
  • A digital ISIC card, with the best discounts in the Netherlands and the rest of the world
  • Customized application process for international students
  • Automatic top-up option (no more topping op of balance)
  • Travel data, customer service etc in ISIC mobility app
  • Public transport bike (OV-fiets) and storage

You need to sign-up for your card here , which includes the public transport card + the digital ISIC card. After confirmation you will be able to pick-up your card during the introduction on the 29 of August at the RUG Groningen.

Enjoy your stay in the Netherlands!

Order the ISIC/OV-chipkaart

Your first train ticket in the Netherlands

What to do when you arrive at Schiphol? Unfortunately you don’t have your OV-chipkaart yet, that is why ISIC offers you your first train ticket in the Netherlands for only €11,- (off peak hours) or €16,50 (peak hours).

Specially for ISIC cardholders! With this ticket you can get on board at any station in the Netherlands and decide which station you want to go to.

ISIC members or ISIC/OV-chipkaart holder can order the following tickets:

  • Train ticket during off-peak hours for €11 (normal price €26,50) = depart after 9 am on weekdays and the entire weekend.
  • Train ticket during peak hours for €16,50 (normal price €26,50) = only applicable for travel before 9 am on weekdays!

Get the one-way tickets here!

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