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Tuition fees for a second Bachelor's degree programme

You may follow one Bachelor’s degree programme at a government-funded institution for the statutory tuition fees on condition that you satisfy the nationality requirement. If you want to follow a second Bachelor’s degree programme, you will in principle have to pay the higher university tuition fees II set by the University of Groningen from the moment you graduate from your first Bachelor’s degree programme.

When do you qualify for statutory tuition fees for a second Bachelor's?

You may qualify for statutory tuition fees or university tuition fees I in a number of cases. The amount of university tuition fees I is identical to the statutory tuition fees:

  • If you have been simultaneously enrolled in two Bachelor’s degree programmes. When you finish the first programme, you are allowed to continue with the second degree programme for the statutory tuition fees. You will, however, have to remain continuously registered from the moment you gained your first degree and satisfy the nationality requirements.

  • If you have earned a Bachelor’s degree at a government-funded institution in the Netherlands and you enrol for the first time in a Bachelor’s degree programme that results in a grade one or grade two teaching qualification or a Bachelor’s degree programme in the field of health care, you will qualify for statutory tuition fees on condition that you satisfy the nationality requirements.

    This means that if you gain a degree in the field of teaching or healthcare, you are not allowed to follow a second degree programme in healthcare for the statutory tuition fees, but will have to pay the university tuition fee II.

Explanatory notes regarding the level of the university tuition fees

In what situation will you pay a fee?

  • If  you have a HBO Bachelor’s degree and are following a Pre-Master’s programme worth no more than 60 ECTS credit points at the University of Groningen, you will pay a fee.

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