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I am an EU student

  • I have an European Health Insurance Card

    If you are insured under a national health service in your own country and you are going abroad, then your own health insurance provider can provide you with EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that is valid in the Netherlands and other EU countries. Please note you will have to apply for this at your national health insurance provider.

    The EHIC insurance does not include liability insurance, household-contents insurance or luggage insurance. You will be able to arrange these additional insurance packages at Aon, which we strongly recommend.

    Refund of medical costs with EHIC
    You will not have to pay for treatment if the treatment is free for local residents. In the Netherlands, this includes consultations at a registered General Practitioner working under the Dutch public healthcare scheme. Follow-up treatment and rehabilitation are excluded from coverage.

    In some cases, you have to pay for medical treatment, therefore you might be eligible for reimbursement. You cannot send the invoices to your own health insurance provider directly but you will have to send the invoices for medical treatment in the Netherlands to Zilveren Kruis, which is a Dutch health insurance company, with:

    • a copy of your EHIC
    • your address and
    • bank account number,

     in order to receive a refund of the costs.

    You can send the documents to the following address:

    Zilveren Kruis
    Groep Buitenlands Recht
    Postbus 650
    7300 AR Apeldoorn

    If you are unable to submit a claim for reimbursement during your stay, contact your national health insurance provider once you return home. Your national health insurer will contact Zilveren Kruis. You are entitled to reimbursement on the basis of the tariffs that Zilveren Kruis normally reimburses under the Dutch legislation.

  • I do not have a health insurance covering my stay in the Netherlands

    If your insurance company does not cover you during your stay in the Netherlands, then you can apply for a private health insurance through Aon. The private health insurance from Aon has different types of insurances and has most extensive coverage and you can pay monthly (approximately 40 euro per month). These insurances include liability insurance, household-contents insurance, and luggage insurance; you can apply for these online.