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Tuition fees international students

Tuition fees for international Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes depend on the programme of your choice and your personal situation. Below you will find a brief overview of tuition fees for the academic year 2019-2020. Please note that the official tuition fees will be available at a later stage. More detailed information is available through the following links:

> Detailed information about tuition fees for Bachelor's degree programmes
> Detailed information about tuition fees for Master's degree programmes

> How to pay your tuition fees
> Other information about tuition fees

> Regulations about tuition fees:
> Regulations for Registration and Tuition Fees

EU/EEA students

Tuition fees for regular degree programmes depend on government regulations and are the same for Dutch and European Union citizens (European Economic Area: all EU countries + Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland).

EU/EEA students

Fee 2019-2020 Fee 2020-2021
All regular* Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes € 2,083 per year € 2,143 per year
University College € 4,130 per year € 4,249
University College Fryslân € 4,130 per year € 4,249

Please visit the DUO-IB-group website to find out if your eligible for a tuition fee loan (EEA countries only).

Statutory tuition fees for 1st year bachelor's students to be halved as of the academic year 2019 - 2020

The Dutch government intends to halve the statutory tuition fees for specific groups of first year bachelor's students starting from the 2019/20 academic year. More detailed information can be found on the Government website and questions will also be answered on Studielink in coming weeks.

Non-EU/EEA students

Bachelor's degree programmes

Fee 2019-2020 Fee 2020-2021
Medicine € 32,000 per year € 32,000 per year
University College € 12,350 per year € 12,600 per year
Bachelor's degree programmes Faculty of Science and Engineering € 12,500 per year € 14,000 per year
All other regular* international Bachelor's degree programmes     approx. €8,900 per year approx. €9,500 per year

Regular* Master's degree programmes (per field of study) Fee 2019-2020 Fee 2020-2021
Arts and Humanities € 12,500 per year € 13,500 per year
Behavioural and Social Sciences € 14,650 per year € 15,000 per year
Economics and Business € 14,650 per year € 15,000 per year
Law € 14,650 per year € 15,000 per year
Life Sciences € 14,650 per year € 15,000 per year
Philosophy € 12,500 per year € 13,500 per year
Science and Engineering € 15,500 per year € 17,500 per year
Spatial Sciences € 14,650 per year € 15,000 per year
Theology & Religious Studies € 12,500 per year € 13,500 per year
Campus Fryslân € 14,650 per year € 15,000 per year

N.B. In some cases non EU students may be eligible to pay the tuition fee of EU/EEA-students:

  • if you are the holder of a long term EU residence permit for another EU country
  • if you are a family member (according to the definition of European Directive2004/38/EC) of an EU-citizen of non-Dutch nationality living in the Netherlands, and you are of a non-EU/EEA nationality
  • based on your Dutch residence permit (this cannot be a residence permit for the purpose of study or for the purpose of stay with partner if your partner holds a residence permit type I, which states 'kennismigrant')

Please contact the Immigration Service Desk (isd for more information and the specific requirements.

*Please note that different fees apply for University College Groningen programmes, Erasmus Mundus programmes and other Double Degree programmes.

Tuition waiver for exchange students

Students participating in the LLLP Erasmus*, Tempus or ISEP programme do not have to pay tuition fees. Students coming to the Netherlands to study within one of the formal inter-university exchange programmes of the University of Groningen are also exempted from paying tuition fees. The Netherlands has many cultural agreements with foreign countries. If you receive a grant from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science within the framework of one of these agreements to study in Groningen, there may be a (partial) tuition waiver.

*N.B. Erasmus Mundus programmes are not part of LLLP Erasmus. Therefore, students participating in Erasmus Mundus programmes do need to pay tuition fees.

Funding opportunities

Several scholarships are available for international students who are motivated to study Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes, as well as for exchanges, short courses and research stays at our university.  

Please note: the University of Groningen no longer participates in the US Student Loans (FAFSA) by the Department of Education of the US Government.

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