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2. Arrange a scholarship

A scholarship can cover your tuition fee, proof of sufficient funds and/or the application fee for your residence permit. If it only covers a part of this, you have to make an additional transfer to meet the financial requirements. You have to upload your scholarship letter in the online application form as proof and the ISD will determine if your scholarship letter is sufficient.  

The application fee for your residence permit for the IND are hardly ever covered by the scholarship letter. This means that a possible transfer of these application costs is necessary. It is also possible that your scholarship does not cover the full sufficient funds, in which case it is also necessary for you to transfer the remaining of the sufficient funds to the ISD. If your scholarship letter explicitly mentions that the application fee is covered, you do not have to make a transfer for this. 

If your scholarship letter is missing one of the mentioned criteria, the ISD will not accept the letter in any case, no exceptions possible! Please make sure that your letter meets all the criteria for a fast and smooth application process.

Link to tool to discover what you need to pay and/or proof!

Criteria of a scholarship letter

A scholarship letter must meet all the following criteria: 

. Must be provided in English, Dutch, French or German. If the letter is not provided in one of these languages, you must have it translated by a sworn translator.

 Must explicitly mention that at least EUR 1,000 per month is available as sufficient funds (living expenses). Money that is available for books, allocation, insurance, plane tickets etc. will not count as proof of sufficient funds.

 If your scholarship includes your tuition fee this must be explicitly mentioned. 

The scholarship letter must definitely contain: 

  • Date of issue
  • Your personal details (initials, surname, date of birth)
  • The institution granting the scholarship
  • Start and finish of the scholarship (start and end date)
  • The amount you receive and the purpose of this amount
  • Currency of the money (euro, dollar etc.)