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Three new tracks added to the GRL programme

22 April 2021

In the second year Global Responsibility & Leadership students choose one of three majors . Each major consists of two tracks. Besides the two tracks from one major, students still have time in their schedule to take courses from one of the other majors. As of the 2021-2022 academic year three new tracks will be added to the GRL programme. The three new tracks do not belong to one of the three majors, but can be taken by all students to add to their chosen major. The new tracks build upon the foundation and skills lab courses that all students followed in the first year of the GRL programme. The three new tracks to be added as of the 2021-2022 academic year are:

- Knowledge Systems for Sustainability

A more sustainable future requires new ways of living, thinking and working. This also applies to the knowledge on which we base policies and decisions, whether big or small. In the Knowledge Systems for Sustainability track, we focus on dilemmas and opportunities to use science as a means to address major societal challenges. This track draws on various scientific disciplines (environmental studies, ecology, science and technology studies, data studies, anthropology and sociology of science) to develop both insights and skills to understand how different kinds of knowledge can best contribute to the SDGs and other urgent questions.

- Language & Culture

The Language & Culture track offers students a methodological and theoretical introduction to the study of language & culture: the system of meaning through which people interpret every aspect of their lives and the world around them. Students in this track are trained in anthropological and linguistic theory and the methods of ethnographic research, before turning to ethnographic case studies of pressing global problems. We also explore culturally informed interventions that have been deployed alongside top-down policy solutions to learn from real-life successes and failures.

- Data Science

Digitization exposed to society something that scientists are well-versed about: our understanding of the world (and society) is as good as our understanding of the data that stems from it. Humanity's ability to measure, store and analyse data increased considerably in the past years, leading to innovations that disrupted (and continues to disrupt) our daily lives.

The Data Science track offers an opportunity to understand important elements of the technologies that enabled such innovations, advancing the students' criticism of Information Technology and developing insights into how solutions to world problems can take advantage of Data Science. For that, students are also trained on techniques used for Big Data analytics.

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