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About us Campus Fryslân Research at Campus Fryslân PhD Programme PhD researchers

UCF PhD candidates

University Campus Fryslân started in 2011 as a network organization of institutions of higher education active in Leeuwarden and the governing bodies Province of Fryslân and Municipality of Leeuwarden.

The Province of Fryslân funded 35 PhD projects, which were granted to six universities: University of Groningen, Wageningen University, University of Twente, Technical University of Delft, Leiden University and University of Amsterdam. The six universities cooperate with knowledge institutions in Leeuwarden/Fryslân, like Wetsus, Dairy Campus, Stenden, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (NHL), Van Hall Larenstein (VHL), Medical Centre Leeuwarden (MCL), Fryske Akademy (FA), Waddenacademie (WA), Philips, Tresoar and Partoer. These Frisian knowledge institutions host the PhD researchers.

Below you will find the UCF PhD researchers.

As from 1 January 2016 University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân continued the activities of UCF, which means offering a PhD training programme and monitoring and reporting about the progress of the PhD projects under supervision of the participating universities.

Name University Institution Graduation date Research topic
Anna Casadella Groningen Wetsus 01-04-2016 Ion-selective membranes for the recovery of ammonium and potassium
Joeri de Valença Twente Wetsus 10-03-2017 Interfacial phenomena during overlimiting electrodialysis
Jelmer Jeuring Groningen Stenden 06-06-2017 Perspectives on proximity tourism in Fryslân
Evelyn Bosma Amsterdam (UvA) FA 02-10-2017 Bilingualism and cognition: the acquisition of Frisian and Dutch
Uche Obinna TU Delft NHL 20-11-2017 Smart Grids, development at the low voltage household and residential areas
Jeroen Onrust Groningen WA 15-12-2017 Earthworm availability as key for the presence of wintering, migrating and breeding meadow birds
Jasper Heslinga Groningen Stenden/WA 11-01-2018 Synergetic tourism-landscape interactions. Policy, public discourse and partnerships
Sine Celik TU Delft NHL 20-06-2018 On the Paradoxical Nature of Innovation: Evidence from Social Networks in Fryslân
Jelle Krol Groningen Tresoar 26-06-2018 Combative Minority Literature Writers in the Aftermath of the Great War
Richard Rijnks Groningen Stenden/WA Leefbaarheid en de economische kracht van Fryslân, in regionaal, nationaal en internationaal perspectief
Jasper Meekes Groningen Stenden Leisure Economy: leisure and regional development
Abhigyan Singh TU Delft NHL 16-01-2019 Understanding from Sharing of Micro-Generated Electricity: From Households to Neighbourhoods
Asli Boru TU Delft NHL De inzet van innovatieve technologie in de zorg
Noopur Singh Groningen NHL Design thinking and holistic approach for patient adherence among elderly
Dennis Worst Universiteit Leiden FA Chronologie en ruimtelijke diversiteit van agrarische veenontginningen in het stroomgebied van de Kuinder en Linde tijdens de volle en late middeleeuwen (ca 1000 - ca 1400 AD)
Anniek Heerschop Groningen NHL Developing a serious game to improve control of a multi-grip prosthetic hand
Nika Stefan Amsterdam (UvA) FA A new survey of the Frisian Language
Anne Merkuur Amsterdam (UvA) FA Changes in modern Frisian verbal inflection
Judita Laurinonyte Wageningen Wetsus Development of a robust membrane bioreactor for petrochemical wastewater
Monir Mollaei Wageningen Wetsus Physiology of electrochemically active bacteria in microbial fuel cells (MFC's) and microbial electrolysis cells (MEC's)
Patrick Figaroa Groningen Wetsus Functional polymeric resins for water purification
Jorge Ricardo Cunha Wageningen Wetsus/Dairy Campus 30-11-2018 Recovery of nutrients from cow manure and black water
Marco Bakker Groningen WA The Frisian peat reclamations of the Late Iron Age and Roman Iron Age
Vincenzo Marco Gatto TU Delft WA Morphodynamiek, inclusief ecologische invloeden van het waddengebied op lange termijn
Maia Lordkipanidze UTwente Protected areas as climate change resilient areas: Assessing governance context to increase climate resilience in nature areas
Beau Warbroek UTwente Governance of local sustainability initiatives in the Frisian context; Can improved governance reap additional benefits for liveability and sustainability?
Sikander Naseem UTwente Philips High-precision manufacturing chain for metal microparts
Renske Lok Groningen Philips Energy4all: Optimizing light characteristics to boost alertness at all ages
Suzan Christiaanse Groningen Partoer Spatial distribution of facilities in the context of rural population decline - regional models versus everyday life reality the case of North-East Fryslân
Amber Nota Groningen Multilingual melodies: Prosody in Fryslân
Hien Pham Groningen Dairy Campus Glycosylation of milk lactose and derived galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)
Marjanne van der Hoek Wageningen MCL/Dairy Campus/VHL 14-04-2020 Carnitine in the dairy chain
Cindy Klootwijk Wageningen Dairy Campus Grazing strategies for future dairy farms: an economic and environmental perspective
Merel van den Broek Groningen Dairy Campus/MCL Influence of protein on satiety in humans, especially after gastric bypass
Susana Figueroa Lozano Groningen Dairy Campus The role of cow feeding regimes in immunomodulating capacity of milk derived glycoproteins

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