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UG/CF and Datamaran strengthen cooperation on sustainability

21 June 2024

The education and research of the University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân (UG/CF) and the business activities of Datamaran match in the field of sustainability. Moreover, both parties find each other in their drive to find local solutions to global challenges and will therefore now act jointly in the field of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG).

Working together

Datamaran is an international company that through its artificial intelligence platform empowers business leaders to confidently navigate the complex ESG landscape by transforming vast amounts of information into actionable insights. This allows companies to comply with legislation, but above all, it gives them a clear view of the actual impact they are making. UG/CF is strong in the field of sustainability through research and education, and by working together practice and science not only meet but also strengthen each other.

In the research domain, scientists and students will have access to available data from Datamaran. In education, the parties cooperate in both full time programs as well as in education for professionals. Datamaran participates in advisory boards of the various programs. Reciprocally, Datamaran and UG/CF can benefit from each other's expertise and network.

Making impact

On Thursday, June 21, the two parties signed a letter of intent. Campus Fryslân dean Prof. Tjalling Halbertsma: 'The cooperation with Datamaran is an excellent opportunity to connect leading research and education to practice and vice versa. We therefore look forward to a fruitful collaboration and a high degree of impact in the field of ESG'. Marjella Lecourt-Alma, CEO & Co-Founder Datamaran continues: One of the main conditions for Datamaran's establishment in Leeuwarden is the unique talent present here thanks to educational partners such as RUG/Campus Fryslân. The only faculty in the world that knows how to combine sustainability, data science and entrepreneurship. Together we work on solutions to the big problems of our time. With this partnership we hope to actively contribute to reducing the ESG skills and literacy gap'.

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Datamaran CEO Marjella Lecourt-Alma and UG/CF dean prof. Tjalling Halbertsma
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