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A day in life of a GRL student

Date:15 February 2023

Hi! I am Marjolein and I come from Soest, which is in the Netherlands. I am currently studying Global Responsibility and Leadership (GRL) at Campus Fryslân. GRL is a University College Bachelor's degree, that is, after we complete the required courses, we choose our electives and arrange them as we prefer. I chose the Planet major, with a focus on Earth & environment, and the energy transition. Next to that, I am also pursuing an Economics track.

7.30 - Wake up

First thing in the morning, I drink some water and check my phone messages. I check my Google Calendar, get ready, prepare lunch and other food for uni, and eat breakfast. I live further away from the Beurs than others, but it only takes me 10 minutes to cycle there. It's a nice bike ride, and the early sunrises are especially beautiful.

9.00 - Arrival at the Beurs: Meeting 1

Today at the office, I had a team meeting where we updated each other on what we were working on. This year, I am a student assistant, which means I work part-time at Campus Fryslân, which I thoroughly enjoy.

10.00 - Working on assignments & doing readings for classes

Despite the fact that it was the first week of my term break, which is generally calm, it was still the end of the first semester. This meant that we had to turn in two portfolio assignments on Friday, and I worked on them. Following that, I completed my readings and prepared for my class later that day. Sometimes I go to a cute cafe to get more motivated, but this week the third-years returned from their exchange. This meant that I could see them again at the Beurs, so I occasionally took a break and caught up with some of them while I was working.

12.30 - Lunch break

Around 12.00, you can smell the soup in the cafeteria. Everyone in the building takes a break at 12.30, so at this time meetings take place, but mostly people talk to each other. Some people continue to work while wearing headphones, but I often use this time to take a break. Classes resume at 13.15, and after the lunch break I also read some additional readings.

14.00 - Meeting 2

Nobis Cura Futuri (NCF) is the Campus Fryslân study association, and I am a member of the PR committee. The new meeting time is now Wednesdays, and we caught up on our tasks and reflected on the goals we set at the start of the academic year.

15.15 - Lecture on Climate Change: Land, Earth, and Water

Today I attended my second lecture in the course Climate Change: Land, Earth, and Water. So far, I'm really enjoying it and would recommend it to anyone. Our teacher, Maarten Loonen, specialized in the Arctic, which is the region most affected by climate change.

17.00 - Relaxing

I take a break after class and eat something on one of the couches downstairs. I approach some fellow students and inquire whether they will also be attending the NCF event later.

17.30 - NCF Event

Finally, I attended an event that I helped organize, which allows students to connect with third-year students and ask them about their minor experiences. Some went abroad for a half-year exchange program, while others did an internship or took courses in the Netherlands. There were a lot of snacks and good music at the event. I had a lot of fun talking to the other students. 19.00 - Cycling home I cycle home with my housemates after a long day of university, and one of them cooks that night for us. I can unwind in my room and complete my readings for the next day. Later, we watch a series on the couch, and I relax before going to bed. It was a nice and productive day!