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Leander at work

Leander van der Wal: it is very rewarding to work on topics that have societal and environmental impact

Date:22 April 2022

Leander is an alumnus of MSc. Sustainable Entrepreneurship and is currently working in the policy development of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and Nature. In the interview, Leander shares insights into his work tasks, his typical workday routine, but...

Jornt de Boer

Jornt de Boer, Founded in Friesland: We prepare students to become actual entrepreneurs

Date:20 April 2022

Jornt de Boer is tremendously excited about his job in Founded in Friesland, where he is supporting Frisian pre-startups with workshops, events and growth programs.
In the interview, learn about cooperation between Founded in Friesland and MSc. Sustainable...

Eike van der Weele

Eike van der Weele on how to challenge yourself and search career opportunities during your studies

Date:20 April 2022

Eike van der Weele is a MSc. Sustainable Entrepreneurship student, currently working on her thesis together with the Frisian Social Planning Office (Fries Sociaal Planbureau). In the interview Eike Is sharing her tips on how to gain practical skills and...

What does it mean to be healthy?

“Avocados are healthy”, “Sleep is important” - It’s easy to be healthy, right?

Date:04 April 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Being healthy is good, it’s sustainable, and easy. It’s easy to buy vegetables, do sports, keep your mind at ease, and just be healthy. Or is it? The 7th of April is World Health day. A good reminder that we need to talk about being healthy, how to debunk...

Sustainable Valentine

Sustainable (Last Minute) Valentine’s Gifts

Date:14 February 2022
Author:Leslie Willis
There is a way to sustainably participate in the madness of Valentines Day. Here are five suggestions for sustainable Valentine’s gifts for your sweet-heart, uni besties or just anyone of your choice.
Campus Fryslân Green Office

Green Office events 2022

Date:16 November 2021
As students fall back into the rhythm of the new academic year, the Green Office commences in their strive to make Campus Fryslân as sustainable as can be.
Greta Thunberg

A Cinderella story: Let's raise our soils from the dirt!

Date:06 October 2021
Is soil mistreated? Is it neglected? Does it need our help to regain its full potential? Yes, yes, and yes.
Clothes swap

A Delicious "See you soon!" from the Green Office

Date:02 September 2021

The Green Office Campus Fryslân is excited for the new year to begin! If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact us via greenofficeCF and we hope to see everyone at the events this year! We cannot wait to keep up the fun from...

Hellen Dawo

The women of CF: Hellen Dawo

Date:04 May 2021

What are you doing at CF and how did you end up here?
I am a PhD student at Campus Fryslân. My research is an exploration of sustainable entrepreneurship in protected areas. I look at how is it carried out, what are the challenges, and which tools can be...

SDG 13

Coping with Covid-19: The Rebirth of Climate Activism  

Date:17 March 2021

How much time of your daily life do you devote to acting on SDG 13? Our campus is probably one of the best places to do so, as the community is very environmentally oriented not only with regard to our studies, but also with everyday habits. I cannot think...