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5 things to do in Leeuwarden during summer

Summer, Sun and Leeuwarden - 5 Things to do outside

Date:14 June 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Hey, it’s summer in Leeuwarden! That means you should call your friends, put on sunscreen, badass sunglasses and get outside. Whether you want to get on the water, travel around, enjoy the sun or build sandcastles: There's a lot to do. 

Voice Tech student Leslie's year in pictures

One Year in Leeuwarden - My Master in Pictures

Date:13 June 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Time flies. The older I get the more it feels like the years are getting shorter and the year I spent studying a Master’s programme at Campus Fryslân definitely supports this thesis. Now it’s time to look back. Maybe you can get an impression of what life...

Do you need a visa, and how do you get one? Read this blog to find out.

About to study in the Netherlands? Here's all you need to know about getting your visa

Date:26 May 2022

When you start your studies in the Netherlands, there are many things you need to consider. You have to apply before May 1, find a good place to live and consider finding a side job to pay for your studies. However, non-Dutch students will have to arrange...

Here's what you need for your application to uni

Applications - What do you need?

Date:21 March 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

The application deadline for Bachelor and Master programs are approaching fast! The 1st of May is the magic day. Do you feel a bit overwhelmed and are not sure what else to have in mind? Here are 5 tips on applying to uni!

A minor Abroad

Broaden Your Horizon: A Minor Abroad In Finland & Korea

Date:09 March 2022

Students of the Global Responsibility & Leadership programme have the unique opportunity to spend a year abroad, do an internship, a pre-master or study at another dutch university. During this so-called 'minor' space, they broaden their horizon through...

Apply to uni

5 steps to confidently apply to uni

Date:07 March 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

If you are reading this right now, you are probably about to apply for a program at the University of Groningen, or more specifically, Campus Fryslân. Glad to see you here! I hope this little guide finds you at a good point in time and will help you...

Three most essential stepts to learn Dutch

Hoe gaat dat? - How to Learn Dutch and How to Apply It

Date:21 February 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

As an expat in the Netherlands, it can be hard to learn the language and then actually get to speak it. Learning is one thing, trying it out is the next - and what do you do if you say “Hoi, mag ik betalen”, but the Dutchie at the supermarket (or insert...

Voice Technology student Leslie Willis

7 ideas on how to choose a degree programme during a pandemic

Date:02 December 2021
Author:Leslie Willis
How do you choose a degree when living with a virus has almost become the new normal and measurements are changing all the time? Here you are with some advice from somebody that has been part of it too.
Here are 5 ways to find the right degree programme for you

Five ways to find the right degree programme for you

Date:09 November 2021
What will help you best to find the right degree programme? Here are 5 ways to feel confident about your final decision.
Congratulating everyone in the room: it's something typically Dutch 

5 'strange' Dutch habits that might be useful to know about

Date:19 October 2021
Just moved to the Netherlands? Here are 5 strange but typically Dutch behaviors you should know to protect yourself from awkward situations.