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Julia Kremer

My year as a Sustainable entrepreneurship student

Date:24 June 2022

Finishing your Master’s degree is one of the greatest milestones. We offer our students to look back over their Master’s year and reflect on the highlights and takeaways, as well as share some of their plans for the future. Learn about the year of Julia...

5 things to do in Leeuwarden during summer

Summer, Sun and Leeuwarden - 5 Things to do outside

Date:14 June 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Hey, it’s summer in Leeuwarden! That means you should call your friends, put on sunscreen, badass sunglasses and get outside. Whether you want to get on the water, travel around, enjoy the sun or build sandcastles: There's a lot to do. 

Voice Tech student Leslie's year in pictures

One Year in Leeuwarden - My Master in Pictures

Date:13 June 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Time flies. The older I get the more it feels like the years are getting shorter and the year I spent studying a Master’s programme at Campus Fryslân definitely supports this thesis. Now it’s time to look back. Maybe you can get an impression of what life...

How to improve the quality of your sleep

Busy students: This is how you improve the quality of your sleep

Date:10 June 2022

Balancing your study load, committee work, social life and your health can be difficult as a student. Often, your sleep and quality of sleep suffers as a result. A continuous lack of sleep can have serious health implications. In this blog you will read...

5 Things you could make a habit before moving out

To be or not to be a good student - 5 Things you could make a habit before moving out

Date:30 May 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Starting to study usually involves moving out from home, leaving your comfort zone and having the chance to become more independent. That is very exciting, but be aware that with independence comes responsibility. To make the process a little easier and...

How to finance your student life

Study and Money: How to finance your student life

Date:30 May 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

You just sent your application and are waiting for your offer, but you are not exactly sure how you are going to finance your studies? Or, you are already enrolled and the money-part is a little challenging at times? In this blogpost I will share some tips...

What to do after you graduate?

Graduation… what next?

Date:30 May 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

You are about to graduate from your Bachelor or Master and are not yet sure what to do or where to go next? Figuring out what career path to choose can be very time consuming and give you headaches. Luckily, you are not alone with that. Here are some tips...

Do you need a visa, and how do you get one? Read this blog to find out.

About to study in the Netherlands? Here's all you need to know about getting your visa

Date:26 May 2022

When you start your studies in the Netherlands, there are many things you need to consider. You have to apply before May 1, find a good place to live and consider finding a side job to pay for your studies. However, non-Dutch students will have to arrange...

Leslie Willis

You have just been accepted to a university abroad. Now what?

Date:17 May 2022

In this interview with a Master’s student from Campus Fryslân Leslie Willis, you will find a  number of great tips for new-coming international students, who are about to move to the Netherlands. What should you already be thinking about? What things...

Finding housing in Leeuwarden

5 tips on Finding Housing in Leeuwarden - Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Date:16 May 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

If you are reading this, you have probably decided to start a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at Campus Fryslan. Happy to have you on board soon! However, starting University also means moving out and finding a room to live. In Leeuwarden, that can be...