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Campus Fryslân Green Office

Green Office events 2022

Date:16 November 2021
As students fall back into the rhythm of the new academic year, the Green Office commences in their strive to make Campus Fryslân as sustainable as can be.
Clothes swap

A Delicious "See you soon!" from the Green Office

Date:02 September 2021

The Green Office Campus Fryslân is excited for the new year to begin! If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact us via greenofficeCF and we hope to see everyone at the events this year! We cannot wait to keep up the fun from...

Stand-up paddling

About the UCF Intro Week

Date:09 September 2020

Hello, my name is Julia Gorny, I am 18 years old and am from Germany. I am a freshly baked first-year student of Global Responsibility & Leadership and want to share my experiences of our introduction week with you!

Ramadhan night

An unforgettable Ramadhan in the Netherlands

Date:28 May 2020

Among many values to be learned in Ramadhan are patience and gratitude. I think I’ve learned both in a “hard way” this year. 

Sustainable Entrepreneurship student Amir Abu Ghazaleh

Enterprijs Competition 2020's First Hand Key Takeaways

Date:18 February 2020

Hi Everyone, my name is Amir Abu-Ghazaleh and I am a student of the MSc Sustainable Entrepreneurship. On the 13th February, I was a runner-up in the Enterprijs Competition 2020. This was following up from winning the Sustainable Start-Up Academy pitch...