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Oskar Gstrein

Oskar Gstrein: Data Science is at the crossroads of where technological and societal capabilities meet.

Date:08 February 2022

If you want to get to know more about the Bachelor's programme Data Science and Society (DSS), the first person you would probably want to talk to is the programme director, Oskar Gstrein. Find out more about Oskar, how data contributes to society and...

Science facts

5 Rather Unexpected Things About Science That Are Totally Awesome

Date:01 February 2022
Author:Leslie Willis
Here are 5 unexpected things about science that are totally awesome and will bring you back that spark of joy you might need to light your scientific-love-fire up again.
Maya Nolles, Student Assistant of the BSc. Data Science and Society at Campus Fryslân

Maya Nolles: Your possibilities are endless!

Date:26 January 2022

If you had asked Maya three years ago if she would delve into Data Science and Society, she probably would have said it was "too much coding." But after discovering how broad the field is, she completely fell in love with this new Bsc. programme at Campus...

Alina Ruge

Alina Ruge: Trust yourself and everything will fall into place

Date:25 January 2022

There are so many Bachelor’s programmes to choose from but there is always one that makes your heart beat faster. This is precisely how Alina Ruge, now a 3rd-year student from BSc Global Responsibility & Leadership, felt about applying for the programme...

The Beurs in Leeuwarden

How to start 2022 in Leeuwarden - The Covid-Proof Edition

Date:17 January 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

It’s January, it’s cold, it’s not lockdown anymore, but Covid-numbers are as high as the sky, and the most exciting places right now seem to be more of a threat than inviting. So, how do you start 2022 in Leeuwarden, the city where Mata Hari and MC Escher...

Director and associate professor of MSc Voice Technology Matt Coler

Matt Coler: Contributing to changing how humans and machines communicate

Date:14 January 2022
Interview with Matt Coler, the director and associate professor of MSc. Voice Technology.
Karsten Schulz

Karsten Schulz: Climate change knows no borders

Date:12 January 2022
Karsten Schulz about the intersection of climate change adaptation and technology, his teaching style, his free time-activities, and more.
Assistant Professor of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Emma Folmer

Emma Folmer: Forget about the rules and play with the ideas

Date:12 January 2022
Assistant Professor of Sustainable Entrepreneurship at Campus Fryslan Emma Folmer is sharing her thoughts on sustainable entrepreneurship, her daily inspiration, and a recipe of an ideal world.
5 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Fun!

5 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Fun!

Date:30 December 2021
Author:Leslie Willis
Have you given up on New Year’s Resolutions already? Well, here are five ideas for new year’s resolutions that are fun, totally doable and that do not require you to change your diet, join a gym or renovate your room.
Meghan Muldoon

Meghan Muldoon: The well-being of yourself is ultimately found in the well-being of everyone around you

Date:28 December 2021
Meghan Muldoon is an Assistant Professor Sustainable Tourism at Campus Fryslân. Learn more about Meghan’s path, the role of Ubuntu philosophy in her life, and some interesting aspects of MSc. Tourism, Geography and Planning.