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Data Science & Society readings

What to read if you are curious about Data Science & Society?

Date:12 March 2022

One more week and spring is finally here! The sun has been out and we can finally say goodbye to winter temperatures, meaning it's the ideal time to visit the park, your backyard or any other sunny spot with the company of a good book. But what to read?...

A minor Abroad

Broaden Your Horizon: A Minor Abroad In Finland & Korea

Date:09 March 2022

Students of the Global Responsibility & Leadership programme have the unique opportunity to spend a year abroad, do an internship, a pre-master or study at another dutch university. During this so-called 'minor' space, they broaden their horizon through...

Apply to uni

5 steps to confidently apply to uni

Date:07 March 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

If you are reading this right now, you are probably about to apply for a program at the University of Groningen, or more specifically, Campus Fryslân. Glad to see you here! I hope this little guide finds you at a good point in time and will help you...

What is voice technology?

What exactly is Voice Technology?

Date:02 March 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Every time that somebody asks me what I study, there’s a little pause and then I start to drop some keywords like “speech synthesis”, “Alexa, Siri”, “voice recognition”. Sometimes, my opposite will go “ahh, cool”, but most of the times I get a pair of eyes...


Interdisciplinarity: A Matter of Perspective

Date:28 February 2022
Author:Leslie Willis
Campus Fryslan is all about bringing different domains of expertise together and enhancing interdisciplinary research. But what exactly is interdisciplinarity? Why do we need it? And, what do we do with it?
dr. Indira van der Zande

Teaching innovation: Indira van der Zande on Challenge-Based Learning

Date:24 February 2022
Indira van der Zande is Programme Director of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Global Responsibility & Leadership at the University College Fr yslân. She tells us more about teaching innovation.
Three most essential stepts to learn Dutch

Hoe gaat dat? - How to Learn Dutch and How to Apply It

Date:21 February 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

As an expat in the Netherlands, it can be hard to learn the language and then actually get to speak it. Learning is one thing, trying it out is the next - and what do you do if you say “Hoi, mag ik betalen”, but the Dutchie at the supermarket (or insert...

Sustainable Valentine

Sustainable (Last Minute) Valentine’s Gifts

Date:14 February 2022
Author:Leslie Willis
There is a way to sustainably participate in the madness of Valentines Day. Here are five suggestions for sustainable Valentine’s gifts for your sweet-heart, uni besties or just anyone of your choice.
Discover Leeuwarden student city

How to Explore Leeuwarden: 5 Hidden Places You Should Know

Date:10 February 2022
Author:Leslie Willis
Another round of exams is done, covid restrictions are loosening and you are probably wondering: What does Leeuwarden have to offer? Here are five tips on how to spend your rare and valuable free time in Leeuwarden. 
Diversity Equality Inclusion

Don’t let the pandemic drive us apart: Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are important

Date:10 February 2022

One would assume that in 2022 the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are no longer seen as new concepts. An increasing number of organisations and their leaders are starting to acknowledge the effectiveness of a more diverse work...